A Custom Layer as Olivia Palermo and Face Delevingne Please!

Remember to Burberry as a somewhat outdated and boring mark leaving beige boxes, not really hard. Although the British firm had a few years in which stagnated in terms of design, since the creation of Burberry Prorsum and Burberry Brit they have become again a few dictators of trend. And as you know perfectly where you want to go, this season they seduce us with custom layers which have Olivia Palermo and face Delevigne.

I think that these new lines of Burberry they are spectacular and create such fantastic and wonderful as these things layers of wool and cashmere with geometric prints. If you turn it if one already has a presence, the guys at Burberry wanted to embroider the initials of two of the “it girls” more dream of the moment as they are Olivia Palermo and Cara Jocelyn Delevingne. Face already wore your three initials in the layer in the parade in London in February but Olivia Palermo now comes to the streets of New York with it for a magazine photo shoot.

If there is something that can create purchase requirement is the exclusive or customized things, well because you don’t have much time to get with it or simply by the fact that no one take something. I am sure that the telephones of the headquarters of Burberry have collapsed from celebrities to see that it was not a special parade thing but that they can also realize the idea for stars such as Olivia Palermo and almost certainly for people who love fashion wanting to look this fantastic garment. I also want one in male version!

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