A Designer Refuses to Sell a Dress Jennifer Lopez

Although the daring outfits that Jennifer Lopez looks on the red carpet always hogging all the flashes, in the fashion world not all see with good eyes his custom show as much skin as possible. For this reason, the Argentinian designer Roberto Piazza refused to sell you one of their dresses when the singer asked him to modify it to make it more bold. 
“She wanted a dress of pink colour, very of the years of Golden, transparent chiffon. But he asked me us you backing so that the design was all clear.

I refused. I didn’t want to look like that kind of designer who sells daring models. When you enter a part of a stay target box”, Robert revealed in an interview with famous TN.

However, the Argentine shows are happy to make other singers with a more demure than Jennifer, like for example Britney Spears, style look creations.

“Britney Spears bought a white dress short, a design that I do not do much because it’s expensive and not available. It’s all in Swarovski Crystal. It must weigh six pounds”, he said.

But it is likely that not hurt Jennifer too run out the dress I wanted, since she feels proud to have remained faithful to the exaggerated and provocative style that helped him become an icon in his home neighborhood, the Bronx.

“I’m still very of the Bronx. I’m still wearing hoop earrings and I still love to wear sneakers with tracksuit. I always felt as if I were out of place in Hollywood, but I also think that the wisdom of the street which I acquired while growing up in New York has helped me a lot in this world”, explained the Star Magazine Complex.