A Fashion Icon Called Lady Di

Diana French Spencer He had just turned twenty when he jumped to the front pages from around the world. She was the woman chosen by the heir to the British Crown to be your spouse. In July 1981 and more than 750 million television viewers got married in the St Paul’s Cathedral in London with a breathtaking dress by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, from romantic silk cut ivory, 25 meters of tail and more than 10,000 pearls and that during the 1980s would be copied by brides from all over the world over and over again.

Through the cameras of the paparazzi around the world became witness of personal and stylistic evolution from a shy kindergarten teacher until its conversion into the people’s Princess.

His early married years coincide with a change in the status of women’s power in Britain. Since 1979, it was a woman, Margaret Thatcher, who was in charge of the country on political power and not only against the monarchy. And these changes, along with a strong economic expansion made certain London fashion houses to live years of real splendour thanks in part to the charm of its best Ambassador: Lady Di, the Princess of Wales, who did not hesitate to use brands as Jasper Conran (designer which would become a personal friend), Arabella Pollen, Bruce Oldfield and Catherine Walker (author of one of her dresses more known “the Elvis” called so by the collar of the jacket Bullfighter to it) complemented) or Rifat Ozbek. Luxurious suits that laid the foundations of the fashion icon that would turn, since it was through clothes how Diana, a deeply shy woman, showed the same self-confidence that both cost reach, although all this deeply displeased his mother-in-law the Queen, and as I was rumored at the time escalated in 1991 when it was cover of Vogue photographed by Patrick Demarchelier with which he would repeat in 1994 on the occasion of her 33 birthday.

There are years in which highlights its use of white color, the tendency of big shoulder pads, from luxurious evening dresses with sparkles and lentjuelas that contrast with the simplicity of their outfits for the day to day or for sporting activities such as snow or his taste for the one piece swimwear.

But in 1994, everything explodes. And that night on television broadcast a program in which England Carlos’s infidelity is aerated with Camila Parker Bowles, Diana decides to become one of her old dresses Christina Stambolian, short, black and with strapless neckline to attend a gala of a known art gallery. A dress that would reach 74,000 dollars when it was auctioned off and which is known as the “garments of vengeance”.

From this moment Diana used clothing to prove to the world and herself who is. They are the years in which prestigious but almost unknown British names gives way to Versace (who came to offer one million pounds by starring in one of its advertising campaigns), Chanel, Christian Lacroix, shoes from Jimmy Choo, of Mario Testino’s iconic blue dress lencero night photos designed exclusively by Galliano as it divorces vertiginous necklines and short skirts worthy of a song of Sabina, as he travels the world on different humanitarian missions to support causes such as the fight against AIDS or the mine ban landmines.

Until the night of August 31, 1997 in a car accident in Paris makes myth. Icon. Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, specialist in using symbols of pop culture in his designs used his face together with the British flag to his collection for autumn/winter 2006/07. The marriage of his son returned to put his figure of fashion and soon will return to talk much about it when it debuts the film based on his later years starring Naomi Watts, that although it has no date for its premiere already has trailer with open mouth.