A Kind of Socks

The ever abandoned cotton socks in favor of ullditon will be hard to go back. It is easy to believe that socks are sweaty and too warm to wear indoors. In fact, the opposite is true. The wool’s breathability makes socks suitable for both summer use during winter’s worst cold.

Choosing the right type of socks is rarely as important as during the winter months. Many people have experienced the feeling of your feet get very hot in the office and then freeze as soon as you stepped outside the door. To remedy this requires socks breathable socks which are far superior to cotton, which the testing itself quickly will realize.

The biggest drawback of wool material is limited laundry facilities. Something that leads many to exclusively wear cotton socks. But absolutely hopeless, it is not. The secret is to wash your socks on low heat (30/40 degrees). Then skip the dryer and instead let it dry naturally. And sometimes it can actually be enough to let the socks aired outdoors.