A Stroll in the Author and Scottish Vintage Fashion

In each of my trips I look for the #moda of local author. My passage through Edinburgh was no exception. Even though I told you above the tartan as an icon of their identity, also discovered other elements making up this view of the “Scottish”. Among them the vintage and used clothing, which can be purchased at good price on the Charity, as well as sectors such as the Grassmarket, where some young brands coexist with other classic of local tradition. I invite you to take a stroll through the fashion made in Scotland. 

Touring Scottish author fashion

In my journey through the streets of Edinburgh, in the fashion of Scottish author search, I found two interesting poles that account for, on the one hand, the consecrated marks of the local scene that coexist with other international; and a younger character, but no less interesting.
I operate by a place that can become a good space for designers of a range high in the scene of author, both Scottish and British and international. I am referring to the boutique Jane Davidson (52 Thistle Street) that has a score of excellent factory marks.

The store, which is not very large, is divided into three spaces: the first floor where you can see what’s new in the current season or which approaches, over a section of party; While on the second floor you can see products in liquidation and another area of high evening dresses. Among the brands made in Scotland include Mairi McDonalddresses, and the tissues of Esk and Queene and Belle .

Regarding prices, I would say that they are prohibitive, there are dresses that even exceed 1000 pounds. I found a very nice necklace in supply of the British designer, Matthew Williamson, who was about 150 pounds, but not bought it (reminded me of Wonder Anatomie, but most expensive).
Now if they walk towards the Grassmarket, can come up with Hannah Zakari Shop jewelry, accessories and art (43 Candlemaker Row), where you will find a good selection of author’s character designers more indie, not by the factory, but because they are less well known. There I bought a cute necklace of Wolf & Moon and I was tempted to take me I am acrylic of a country landscape of naive air necklace, but finally did not by the length of the string (missing a few centimeters to be perfect). Unlike the boutique earlier, there if you can get beautiful products from 7 pounds.

Ah! Special mention has its packaging, which realizes with simplicity of the magic of their content.
If they continue walking down that street and bend to left hand it will encounter addressing hats shop Fabhatrix (13 Cowgatehead), which has a wide variety of hats and headdresses for women and men with prices ranging from the 40 lbs app, and they stand out for their materials and designs. In Chile, our culture of hats is very limited, there use them for multiple social occasions. In fact, heard the conversation of the subsidiary with a customer more adult who needed a hat for an event and did not know if buy one made or become one custom there.

If they go up by Victoria street will find other stores, for example, one of men’s fashion, as the classic Walter Slater (46 Victoria street) or the Swishlife pópera where there is also some products for niñ@s as t-shirts and “piluchos” or one piece baby.

Vintage Edinburgh fashion

If you are fanátic@s the vintage fashion and used clothes, without a doubt, they will have plenty to look at in Edinburgh. Throughout the city you can find many Charities or dependent on charity shops as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, corporations related to childhood, the heart, etc, where people are going to leave their used products whether it be clothes, furniture, kitchenware, etc, which are sold by these organizations nonprofit, at very affordable prices.

I stayed almost next to Minto street, where along its entirety (the street changes name as one nears the Center) counted around 10 Charities that give you an idea of the offer.
There are also products of sustainable fashion that conform to fair trade, as a beautiful necklace of bicycle, he gave me my friend Paula, and whose packaging is possible know that they were made in Kenya with copper and recycled metals; In addition to know about who created them. They were labeled under the name of Partners in Fair Trade that will cover it in detail another day.

Now if more than second-hand clothes from other seasons are a lover of vintage fashion, then you have to take a ride around the shops of W. Armstrong & are. both in the Grassmarket (a few steps from Fabhatrix), 14 Teviot place and at 64-66 Clerk Street. In them you can check clothing and accessories for women and men (including costumes) ordered by times (I loved the section 50s, 60s) diversity of prices. Ah! at this point I want to stop, because given the quality and historical value of this garment, unlike what is seen in Chile, their prices are not very cheap and even haunt of new garments.

However, I believe that you worth it spend and entertain themselves looking, because insurance will discover some treasure.


  • -Edinburgh, as well as all the cities of the United Kingdom, is expensive; There are shops like the “all for 1 pound”, where it is possible to get food and items for the home by this value. If they stay in an apartment with kitchen ( Airbnb there are several) this option can be most suitable organize daily meals.
  • -The average value of the classic fish and chips in any restorant from the center of the city is 11 lbs.
  • -Before reach Grassmarket is the Greyfriars cemetery, where J. K. Rowling found part of her inspiration to write Harry Potter (from the names of characters to a private school that gives life to Hogwarts). Steps from there you can visit The Elephant Housecoffee where he wrote the book.

-The value of a passage by bus (micro) is 1.5 pounds. However you can buy a daily by 3.5 pounds ticket which entitles them to use all the locomotion of the city, how many times they want, for a full day.

  • -25 minutes from downtown is the Portobello Beach, old spa of the Scots, which can be a fun picture to complement your stay.