All The Famous and Models in The Paris Fashion Week: Lindsay Lohan, Diane Kruger, Miranda Kerr…

As we saw the last days the looks of celebrities in the week of the fashion of Milan, on the occasion of the celebration of the same event but in Paris could not miss the topicality of the famous and most stylish models.

The Paris fashion week characterized by good taste and class of the parades of the brands, but always there is a discordant note among the public. This time the protagonist is once again Lindsay Lohan. The famous can be as named one of the most tacky women today that will continue wearing Palm.

He was in the parade of John Galliano. In this way arose the front row, with a pink and black set. Transparent Cardigan, top to look good the charms and middle game with magnificent shoes. I’m sure if you look see you someone with better perch, I love.

What’s more, even in this photo reminds me to Sara Montiel and I guess singing: “smoking hope, the man who I want…”.

Before this lesson of how destroy Galliano, Lohan was presented at the front row of Viktor & Rolf with this black minidress with scale to which decided to spoil with a Black sunglasses, style Aviator but broader. Strike 2.

And the third and final strike starred in it between parades, with a short Leopard coat that reminded Cruella de Vil in young version and choni. Much like Megan Fox, who approaches with that hair dye.

Beth Ditto seeing such looks stayed with this face in the front row of Galliano and then, to see her indecipherable look made us stand petrified as she. This is style or just the attention?

On the other hand, Anna Wintour He preferred something more restrained, but to exceed, let’s not forget we are talking about Galliano.

Face faces that know dress, we find ourselves with Adriana Lima the arrival of the parade of Givenchy. This is a good hanger. Black and white always effects.

Beside a quiet Lou Lessage.

To then give way to a cheerful Beth Dito proving that vertical stripes and black favor.

Sonia Rolland arose so colorful parade of Sonia Rykiel.

Although it was overtaken by Micky Green with a look quite punkie.

A Anna Beatriz Barros saw it this way in the arrival at the show of Karl Lagerfeld. Rarely was best used the adjective of the sad eyes girl.

And as I always prefer to stay with a good memory of the best looks, I choose the of Miranda Kerr of Balenciaga.

Or better still, the of Diane Kruger Chanel. But in this case it was a pre party Oscar in Los Angeles sponsored by Chanel. But it was seeing it and thinking in the well that had been in the French capital. There are plenty of words.