An Aid to Choose the Clothes of Bath

In the stores of lingerie in large areas in the souvenir shops, in shops of sports, clothing stores,… anywhere we can find bikinis, swimsuits and lately more trikinis. They occur in many forms and many colors and there is where we find the problem to stay only with one.

To choose the swimwear that you most like, First, according to, if you find yourself with many models that you like, get a first cleaning removing the bathroom linen that you think that:

  • The price is too high for what they’re willing to spend,
  • If it is white and has no backing, when fabric is wet everything is trasparentará. Best to discard.
  • If you have much breast, forget your bathing suits, bikinis and trikinis which do not hold well the chest, choose a swimsuit with ring or a bikini with expensive or tied around the neck.
  • If you have a little chest, prints and triangle bikinis give the impression of more volume. Choose it if you want.
  • Dark colors makes the figure displayed is slimmer and stylish.
  • If you’re wide hips not you try panties low, but high. Low panties, falls at the hip, makes this look wider.
  • If you are skinny, bikinis with low panties and top band, in addition to the trikinis, marked more curves.
  • If you are thinking of buying yourself a trikini, you think if you go to to take the single or not. The white one piece brand is not very well if you then think partying and get a top.

Once the first cleaning, It passes to the tester with the clothes that you have been. Once inside the tester, you not try what you’ve chosen with shoes and socks, get behind them, and so it will be easier to see the effect that really will make you swimwear that you have chosen.

And finally, if you have any doubts among, if you get one or the other, finally choose which more conditions comply. You have to be somewhat demanding with the purchase of this type of clothing. On the beach or by the pool let see much of our body, with our faults, so it is best to choose the ideal to enhance what we like our body and forget what less we like.