And I What I Put?

Today I want to talk about a very interesting book on style and image: And I, what to wear? A book written by Elisabet Olivé and Montse Guals, which is talks about the importance of our appearance and value of counseling image.

The authors are stylists at fashion magazines and image consultants, so you know first-hand the world of fashion and style.

But we do not bring to deception, miracles do not exist. Because you read this book already is not going to be the most modern or biased. However, the advice given are practical, realistic and you can help find your look or shine on certain occasions.

However, I like it because it is one simple and practical guide for men that you care about their personal image. I like it because the authors are honest and its objective is that you camera your image or neutralices certain aspects.

The book is divided in 18 chapters, in which tissues, are analyzed to explain us what colors feel us better or help us to know how our body, to get more out of our defectillos.

In other chapters, the authors explain What clothes are best for certain occasions as a job interview, to go to an appointment or to a party. They solve doubts, that we all have, as for example what to wear if it rains.

A large part of the book is dedicated to the most important wardrobe. With a thorough tour of all clothing, from socks to swimwear, passing by the twins, we explain to what basic garments must have or offer tips to combine clothes.

Finally in And I, what to wear? give us guidelines for be our own personal shoppers and they explain the profitability of garments with a nice mathematical formula.

And I, what to wear?

Elisabeth Olivé Olivé and Montse Guals publishing books dome ISBN: 978-84-480-6771-7 price: 18 euros