Angelina Jolie on The November Cover of W

The next issue of the W Magazine It is them that will bring rivers of ink, and if not, time to time, that is until it comes out at the end of October, still missing much and when your pictures, look sure that more than one is not left indifferent.

And I say this? Because W It has managed to “persuade” (extra charge) the couple formed by Angelina Jolie y Brad Pitt to publish your homemade pictures, made by the latter to his spouse. All this is what the magazine, in our mind it is believe it or wait to see the pictures and see if they are “home” really.

Angelina Jolie It is spectacular, the current most stunning beauties, but from there in your House, without no one sin que nadie la este it is noting with magnifying glass, that have to be in front of a camera before millions of viewers, it comes out so magnificent as the cover lets us glimpse, there is a world.

Yes, that is true, that who is OK, but I until you do not see it… And when it does, I’ll ask me if it is the same couple who want as much privacy… The money, which we buy all. That Yes, ten to the cover.