Aquascutum Launches “Bogart Trench”

The venerable British company Aquascutum launches a novelty inspired by one of 1900s biggest style icons. It is the actor Humphrey Bogart often seen in a classic trench coat. In cooperation with The Bogart Estate has developed a model tribute to the icon.

Aquascutum has a stylish supplier of outerwear since the company was founded 1851st

The name Aqua Scutum translated from Latin to “Water Shield” and it was also the company’s founder John Emary 1914 developed a revolutionary water-repellent wool fabric which is then used for the British Army during the First World War.

The model “Bogart Trench” has said that developed along with The Bogart Estate and a few copies will be available in Aquascutums London store this spring to late August will be available in selected stores worldwide. This model is available to pre-book now and costs € 1,120.


I think it feels nice when companies look back in history and make genuine tributes to style icons actually been customers and not only paid ambassadors. Is there some type of trench I associate with classic style, it is just a little larger and longer model in beige cotton double breasted and belt.

“When we started to converse with Humphery Bogart’s son, Stephen regarding a cooperation and a new trench coat, I had already been thinking of reintroducing a classic, large trench in the collection. Many of our customers come into our stores and complained that brands today only offers tight slim fashion items rather than a protective classic option.

I dug out our clothing designs for “The Kingsway (model Humphrey Bogart bar) and based our new model of this. The placement of the pockets, and its size is the same, and his coat is so called Raglan sleeves. Belt positioning remains untouched, and perhaps most important of all: There is a large and long coat closer 120cm. It has such a pocket for a newspaper in the inner lining. 

Some things have been updated, however. The fabric, for example, is a waterproof cotton blend that utilizes how far the textile trends come and have higher durability than the original. I have adjusted the dimensions for each size that people in general are a little bigger today, but on the whole, The Bogart very similar to the original Kingsway. 

When taking on his coat feel a genuine sense of the amazing models from the 1940s, 50’s and 60’s to recognize from classic movies and movie stars. And not least, the one who wore them perhaps the best was Mr. Humphrey Bogart himself.” 

–  Thomas Harvey, Head of Menswear Design, Aquascutum

“My main goal in the Humphrey Bogart Estate is to honor and preserve my father’s legacy. This requires all partnerships we enter into must be authentic. In that respect, it will not be better than our current cooperation with Aquascutum where my father was a loyal customer lifetime and perhaps the most iconic trench coat carrier in history. I think he would be honored by the fact that Aquascutum want to cooperate with us and launch the Bogart Trench Coat.”

–  Stephen Humphrey Bogart, son of Humphrey Bogart