Armando My Look for the Back to School

In the last column I talked about thebasics for back to school, it is now time to put those purchases in use.

The first day of school is very important, it may be your first semester at uni and want to make an impression, or maybe you want to surprise your friends with your new look or because they’re determined to catch the attention of that exchange student that you dream of. No matter the reason, every new semester is a new beginning and the way that you perceive people is completely influenced by the way in which you wear, so don’t let the first day of classes take you unawares according to Automotiveqna.

Taking into account the trends of the season is basic, of course, so first a general list check of what we will see during the season:


-Colors: grey, green, blue, black, white.

-Prints: classics like plaid and houndstooth.

-Figure: Sweaters and coats oversized, texture in clothing, many layers.

-Trends: Grunge and 90’s, repetitive prints, layers of clothing making color block, big accessories, handbags with structure.

This first outfit is inspired by the grunge trend, we take the seasonal color palette by adding green, black, grey and white look. Since we use all colors in dark tones mix works.

It is a simple and comfortable attire, but thanks to the small details (such as scarf, bracelet, leather of the jacket sleeves detail) it will not go unnoticed.

The easiest way to use denim shirts is with printed skirts, something simple like this look is perfect if you want that your accessories are the center of the conversation.

Jeans need not be boring, you are looking for a couple with a pattern or color, pair it with a simple top and a structured jacket.

In this attire we do blocks of color in layers of clothing. An easy way to do this is to choose a garment that is the basis, in this case is the skirt, and use your color palette to choose colors from the rest of the outfit in shades that are within families of similar colors, in this case having the skirt (which has both shades of Burgundy and shades that give to the oranges) helps that everything makes sense.

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