Ask Manolo: Festive Attire?

Question: Hello Olof! I’ll despite my young age, a lot of inspiration from the Florentines at The Sartorialist. Very builds on shirt, jacket, cotton trousers and brogues. In everyday life you start to feel like the king of the school. Problems arise, however, when it starts to get dark outside. How do I keep the style of the birthday dinner or nightclub? I do not want to wear my everyday clothes, but at the same time does not look like I’ll be in the Eurovision Song Contest. MVH Erik

Answer: The secret is often to keep it simple. A well-cut navy suit classical model and white shirt is a combination that fits all but the most experienced as dull or anonymous. Try to choose a stylish handkerchief to without fuss by, for example, match exactly with the tie. For a more casual style, it is fine to wear a pair of unwashed jeans or dark brown chinos to the above combination. Or a light blue, pink or purple shirt.

But above all, prioritize shoes. Brogues might be a little boring to wear to the party. Opt instead of a couple of whole cuts or sleeker loafers with a thin sole. And the party need not mean black shoes but a pair of dark brown is often an equally good option. Not least to a gray or navy suit.