Ask Manolo: Linen Suit

Hey, can anyone tell how pressing a linen suit? Is it possible at all to make yourself…? Anybody have tips on where to buy a good-looking, well-cut linen suit? Marten

To squeeze yourself a costume is not recommended. The pants are relatively easy to emphasize with household iron. However, avoid stress due to the fabric, but please add a thin cloth between the iron and the pants. For the jacket is much more difficult. There is always a risk that magnify his jacket spacer and shape by striking with an iron.

One tip is to test the classical Council to hang up the suit in the bathroom and turn on the hot shower for ten minutes. This actually works often very good to remove any creases. If this does not help then submit to the dry cleaner.

Your last question is somewhat difficult to answer without knowing where you live, but try to first visit your local herrekiperare. In Stockholm recommended example: His Allde, Gabucci, Götrich, Lund & Lund, NK Men, Rose & Born, Current and Agassi. Göteborg: Mr. Charles, Holmen Mr NK men, Twins and men’s shop. Malmo: Olsens and Af Mell. The larger chains like H & M, Brothers, MQ and Zara usually also have a few linen suits the slightly lower price ranges.

The rest of you will not forget to send your questions about the style and clothing to If you want tips on clothing or stores so do not forget to write in what city you bor. Attempt also be as specific in your questions as possible.