Attention! The Underside of Your Jeans Will Take Center Stage

We know such as trends: each year there are something that gets fashionable and firms exploit it to the maximum power. This year we will be looking towards the ground, and not to see what shoes we carry (which also), but to appreciate how low have our pants. That part of the pants that had never had importance (or little), now takes center stage and is the part star of the garment. With embroidery, cut, openings, zips… with which of them you are staying?


  • With a small Bell, 39.95 euro.
  • Frayed and faded, 29.95 euros.
  • Cropped, 39.95 euro.
  • With the bass returned and spent, 29.95 euros.


  • Frayed, 50 euros.
  • Type cropped and frayed, 72 euros.
  • With the low waste, 44 euros.
  • Type campaign, 52 euros.

Other firms

  • With campaign in XXL’s Mango, 39.99 EUR.
  • Cut style scissors of Pull & Bear, 25,99 EUR.
  • Cropped kind of Bershka, 29.99 euros.
  • With the Netherlands without top of ASOs, 54,29 euros.

Photos | The blonde salad

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