Autumn Glasses

It begins in earnest time to take off her summer sunglasses and put on something more sophisticated frames for the office. To provide some inspiration, here is the three categories of frames with a variety of stylish examples.

The classic round frames have recent seasons has become very popular. Not least in the slightly thinner version. Anyone tired of the dark designs carry advantage of this arc type in bright colors like yellow, red or orange. Otherwise, this is a category of frames that stand out without giving an impression dressed up.

The square bars gives a sophisticated and dimmed the impression that fits a variety of face shapes, but also different styles. Suitable both black and brown speckled like bright colors. Remember to choose a model whose width matches the shape of your face. Too wide arcs tend well as flat models to give the face a somewhat protracted impression.

to more begin to open their eyes on selected eyewear is clearly reflected in an increased range of powerful arcs. Inspired by Michal Caine or Marcello Mastroianni and break the dressed-up style suit with glasses that clearly accentuates your face shape.