Backpacks Assault US 30 and 50 Liters SHOKE

We present you the Asalto Backpacks, manufactured by the SHOKE brand itself.A backpack with great.

Potential, lightweight and allows us to transport with a volume of 30 and 50 liters of capacity.This backpack is made of 100% polyester, and has several padded areas that offer maximum comfort.Entering to comment more in detail the military backpack of assault of 30 liters.It is a backpack that weighs 970 grams, and has the following dimensions: 45.5x24x25 cm.

It has two Molle zones on the outside.The first is located in the

Upper area and has a support of 2 × 4, and the second is located in the central and lower area with a support 4 × 4.These areas will allow us to place any accessory or pouch we want.You can even place a camelback according to phonecations.

These surfaces correspond to the walls of the first two pockets with which we find ourselves.The bottom pocket, apart from the storage volume, has several extra sub-pockets inside.It has a row of five individual pockets, whose size is oriented to fine and elongated objects.Behind it has another larger pocket, with an approximate size of half hand.At the top we have another pocket, but in this case does not have extra pockets, it is an empty pocket.

If we look at the bottom of the backpack we can see a row of molle, said row rises to form a U of 15 hooks.Attached to two tapes that will allow us to compact or not the pockets depending on whether they are full or not.

The next pocket that we find has a larger volume than the previous, a central compartment oriented to larger police material.It also has several interior pockets: the first subdivided into two of grille and the second located behind the first.

And finally we arrive at the last compartment, which is the biggest of all.In addition it can be fully opened in 180 degrees as seen in the video , which gives us a great ease to introduce the objects.

As in the other pockets, this also has inner pockets, one on each wall.One is a grid pocket where a pair of hands fit easily, and the other is a zipped pocket which is very useful for keeping something important in the innermost area and not going out and mixing with the Other objects.

It is also noteworthy that apart from the basic protection provided by zippers, which are quite thick providing greater strength and fixation, has a double hook on each side.Providing extra fixing against an opening of the zippers.

In the same area we can see that there is a molle strip of 7 × 2 glued to each of the zones of the lateral anchors.

Going to analyze the back of the backpack, we can appreciate that it has two thick belts of 41.5 cm, which have an interior padded area.Which provides great comfort when carrying it with a certain weight.The area in contact with the back is also completely

Padded, this being a big point in favor of this backpack. If you look at the seams of the areas that suffer the most pressure, we can see that they are of high quality and thanks to their braid provide great reliability.

Finally we can see that it has a support for the waist, adjustable by means of straps with which we can adjust it at our discretion.Providing extra attachment so that the backpack does not move or hit the back.

We commented that there were two models of military backpacks one of 30 liters, discussed above, and one of 50 liters.The police backpack of 50 liters weighs 1250 grams and its dimensions are: 50 × 28,5 × 31,5 cm.The whole structure of the backpack is identical to the one of 30 liters, except for the molles that become a little bigger.The upper one being 2 × 6 and the middle 4 × 6.Also the inferior increases to 1 × 16, and the lateral ones to 3 × 7.

We can see in the following images a comparison of sizes between both models.

Finally comment that these backpacks are available in several colors:

  • Black