Barena Venezia

In a fashion climate where major fashion houses and luxury conglomerate dominates, it is wonderful to find small humble manufacturers who apparently spends more on clothing than marketing. As wonderful charming Barena Venezia.

The word Barena refers to the area between land and lagoon. Small narrow strips of land that are important elements in Venetian topography. From these border countries retrieves mark its inspiration. The idiom breathe cultivated with Italian casual silhouette and not infrequently marine elements. Think Osterlen Artist who fled south to get inspiration. The garments are made in Italy and the fabric side dominate natural materials, wool, cotton and linen.

Prices are very modest with sweaters at around 1400 SEK and unlined cotton jackets from 3000 SEK. In Sweden sold Barena including the nitty gritty. The brand is also available to purchase through