Bargain Fashion from H & M Presented by Edita Vilkeviciute

Last call for rebates. Are we already thinking about fall fashion? Error, still have a chance to make us with bargains in autumn y H & M wrapped us them with beautiful wrapping of Edita Vilkeviciute and the latest proposals of its magazine.

A body of red boat neckline and leggings for few for their openings and its stamping. We encourage us to wear glasses that seemingly have nothing to do with color or style?

An idea very chic and sexy to go to the beach, accompanied by Brocade transparencies.

Beautiful bikini and the image that reminds us of a Marilyn happy and sexy with that touch pin up that characterized it.

The best of the proposals is dressed in red, looks ruffles and shows a lot of skin according to Spectacular swimwear-one piece of the firm and magnificent image that as others are the work of Camilla Akrans.

Is the image or the garments more important? Depends, for Inditex undoubtedly items or is difficult to explain its boring catalogs. H & M gives lime and sand, and in this case it is accompanied by the best team, with styling of Clare Richardson to give priority to the image.

A look that could well be part of the masterclass that give us some bloggers to dress 20 (as in this case) or 40.