Basic Guide to Choosing Your Swimwear According to Your Skin Color

The science of choosing your swimsuit transcends the body type. It also matters to choose the right color to show off your Tan (or lack of it) in the best possible way.

A bit of strategy will take you very far on the beach or at the pool. Choose your outfit depending on the color of your skin to look fabulous with a super tan or tone that identifies us as godines. Tip: changes a lot of cuts and styles to prevent the largest number of brands.

Day 1: That your whiteness yourself not discouraged. It is the time to choose a swimsuit dark which will, thanks to the contrast with your skin, not you spend unnoticed. Take advantage of that you’ll have more days of tanning, opting instead for one full which will not be marked at the end of your holiday according to SOCIETYPICALLY.
model: Naya, Zingara, DC

Day 2: Turn up the intensity. One Blue or green electric will complement a skin a little more brunette. If he did not give you much sun, it seeks to continue having dark details.
model: neoprene, Zingara, DC

Day 3: It is time the colors warm since few favor both a body tone candy. Coral, red, oranges are your best friends at this time. Since they are nuances most entertaining attempts than who you choose also does in his court or your print like this.
model: Palm, Zingara, DC

Day 4: Now if already have a super color and cake you don’t deslavarán. From now on you can begin to look with softer tones options without risking you see you pale and languid. Remember that the asymmetric cuts are almost universally flattering.
model: Amazon, Zingara, DC

Day 5: More tanned, impossible and only on this day can carry a white bikini as she should be. This proposed is inserted into the trend chic sporty mesh applications. So fresh & fashion.
model: bamboo, Zingara, DC