Bathing Fashion: the 8 Best Cover-Ups For Beach, Lake and Pool

Summer time is bath time! Bring even your bikini or swimsuit in standby mode? Then you worry about also already, as you to Beach, pool, or Lake occur as stylish. Because when you are not sunbathing or swimming, you certainly more things to do: A visit to the beach bar perhaps a short walk or a trip to the ice cream parlor. I myself am happy little covered and have a so-called “cover-up” – a piece of clothing that I wear swimsuit or bikini to be tightened and that rightwing. The small side effect: Even pads are laminated so quickly.

Bathing Fashion the 8 Best Cover-Ups For Beach, Lake and Pool

But what clothes are suitable for these quick chic and slim effect?

Here I have compiled my top 8 cover-ups for Your bath coat suggested by Biotionary. There are tips on the most important accessories for hot swimwear looks.

You should ask yourself these questions before you decide on your ideal bathing clothes:

A cover-ups aims to turn in a matter of seconds by Bikini girl or swimsuit diva in a stylishly dressed appearance. Depending on the type of style and environment that is with various items of clothing and accessories to achieve. Important considerations for the proper selection of your best cover ups are:

Where is it going to swim?

You want to go on a wild beach or stay at the landscaped pool with all comforts? Then you not only decide your cover-up should be as elegant, but also, it must be as durable and practical. If you need to change, for example, on a wild Beach, or on a bad field, a caftan could be more advantageous than a trouser shirt combination.

How should the bathing clothes to wash and maintain be?

If the bathing clothes probably comes with salt, chlorine, sunscreen and sweat into contact, the fabric should also handle this. It can be washed several times without any problems. And if you want to attract your wet bikini including (what I actually do not recommend…), the material must withstand moisture. If you so feel like super fine silk fabrics, you must expect cold hand wash and other limitations – and that many spots are probably no longer removable. Lightweight cotton fabrics, however, or machine washable rayon fabrics could then become your best friends.

What style do you want to implement?

How would you work at your swimming event? Like an Ibiza hippie romantic, the sporty-natural surfer-girl, the glamorous Côte D’azur-diva or the purist cool cosmopolitan? According to your style preferences different cover-ups are the best choice for you. And you should consider also bathing and beachwear – such as when your entire wardrobe – what patterns and colors are best.

However: The more sun and summer fun can be reflected quite in your clothes! Even if you otherwise have little pattern , now that would be the time, to get too fancy, colorful designs in your life – of course only if you want it.

What figurative requirements do you have?

This is often a crucial argument for a matching cover-up just for more mature women. How much skin covered it as elegantly and the outfit to your figurative Unperfektheitenshows how indulgent? Whether you develop a soft spot for Maxi-skirts, to cleverly hide stronger legs , or opt for a XXL long-sleeved shirt to give enough cover, upper arms and breasts only you decide.

My top 8 cover-ups for your bathing pleasure

When it comes to the above issues, have all options available to cover their advantages and disadvantages themselves quickly and stylishly. These are my top 8 favorite:

The Pareo

The Pareo is a derived from French Polynesia, large wrap that can be bound to many ways. Originally it was knotted around his waist and gives a kind of narrow Maxi – or MIDI skirt, with fast wider hips and strong thighs hide themselves in this way. This convenient cover up can be bound but also as a sarong or Halter Bustier dress. And it is convenient, if you publicly have to dress up to.

The tunic and the kaftan

Both garments are similar in nature and have their origins in antiquity or in the Oriental and East Asian area. There are both tunics and Caftans in shorter and longer versions, as a blouse, mini – or Maxi dress. You are an incredible material to have variety of colors and patterns. There’s the right option for every woman. A tunic or a caftan, which covers at least the top of the thigh and made of a washable silk or fine cotton Batiste is worked, is a Timeless luxury-basic, which is available to every woman. You can wear shorter variants as blouse to narrow pants, pencil or denim skirt, shorts or bermudas. Longer versions are suitable for use as a dress and with appropriate accessories for the pool party.

The Maxi dress

A brightly patterned or Mar­Vel­LOUS Maxi dress is a popular summer classic that stylish can accompany you to any swimming event. There are Maxi dresses at Mini, but also in bedeckteren versions. So a dress is quickly thrown over when it comes to it and makes you look instantly attracted. You can style even in addition a Cardigan, a vest, a denim jacket or a short Biker jacket . So, you’re immediately properly dressed for evening beach or barbecue parties.

The Maxi skirt

The Maxi skirt is the little sister of the Maxi dress, only with even more possibilities. To a tank top or a casual T-Shirt, in the evening, a white shirt and a silky halter or waterfall top looks during the day particularly well – as well as all supplementary parts listed above in the Maxi dress. The advantage of the rock version: You can switch during the day or travel your T-Shirt or top fast and always make a fresh, new impression.

I see however critical the hottest, free belly tops to the Maxi skirt – unless they have a well toned body middle that you would like to show…

The Palazzo pants and wide linen trousers

A Palazzo pants with their oversized leg span almost resembles a maxi skirt and is therefore also equally to style. Palazzo pants in soft flowing rayon or silk and fine scarf prints are a luxury, female cover-up version for women, wearing the pants dear. You can also very elegant style Palazzo pants and are thus equally ready for many evening events.

When very wide trousers are not figure-cheap, or if you need strapazierfähigere materials, a pair of linen pants is a good alternative. These are Marlene-style, but also in straight leg shape and can be styled with the right top and jewellery also on casual summer elegance.

But be careful: If you have a little tummy, your waist is not as narrow or at the hip a few pads have accumulated, should reach Palazzo -, nor linen trousers for variants with rubber or DrawString. However, beware of a flat processing of the pants Association!

The XXL shirt

The oversized shirt is a very “adult” way to keep covered pool or beach. Because the typical structural features of business fashion, as the shirt collar with jetty or cuffs sleeve in the Leisure world imports such a shirt. There are shirts in any length and in a variety of materials. Thus, casual baggy looks can be implement as well as blouses dress character outfits. Simply add a belt and the corresponding accessories and as an XXL shirt accompanies you the whole vacation for all different occasions.

Shorts, bermudas and the culotte

Shorts or bermudas are one of the most common outfits I see Lakes and beaches, with a T-Shirt. The variant diversity ranges from the sexy jeans shorts cut off to the sporty classic, knee-length shorts with pleats. New this summer to comes the Culottes or the culotte. These can be worn up waden – or even ankle to knee umspielend and signage according to the material and combination – one very modern, cool impression. While the culotte is clearly covering as the shorts and with their larger leg span very comfortable to wear. Along with a shirt in a silhouette matching for your figure type, I feel the culotte as a true enrichment of the stylish, easy Cover-Ups, which allows even more mature women to present cut-off pants style.

The T-Shirt dress

A T-Shirt dress is – as the name suggests – just a long T-Shirt and mostly to have simple, slightly waisted cut. The convenience of this summer leisure dress is so tempting, so you should take when selecting on the hemline, the cut and the fabric quality . The wrong material can quickly cause that to all of you showcase your pads admirably. A T-Shirt cut without more details, such as breast darts or side waist, or with to short hemline is the forms of an adult woman hardly does justice.

But: There are of course also here wonderful exceptions. Especially if you get a T-Shirt dress in black, dark blue or dark brown, which has a beautifully crafted neckline with semi-precious stones, other noble decorations or a refined drapery, and the hemline is advantageous for you you’ve found your ‘little of black’ swimwear at lightning speed. This can bring also away from pretty far – with the matching footwear – Beach and sea.

These accessories are your most important styling assistants for high-class bath looks:

You can trim style all these cover ups in no time on super, when you combine the right accessories to. Here a small selection from which you can operate on your mood:

  • a summer hat, for example, a Fedora or a hat with wide brim
  • a cool pair of sunglasses that stylistically takes you from zero to one hundred in a second
  • a beach bag made of raffia or canvas fabric, which may be too wet
  • Strappy sandals, colorful Flip-Flops, Espadrilles, raffia wedges or trendy “health shoes” – mainly robust and convenient!
  • XXL-accessories, such as wide bracelets, earrings, thick chains – preferred materials, such as fabric, plastic, wood, leather, shells, stones or metals, the hypoallergenic and resistant to perspiration, salt, sunscreen and chlorine are
  • Belt in Wicker look, embroidered or studded with stones copies

The right cover-up is a secret weapon for stylish swimming outfits. The matching accessories advance really even much the look on front man and you as only up to the beach.

What is your favorite piece of clothing with which you go to swimming, Sun bathing, enjoy and celebrate? Do you have a certain manner as you style it? I look forward to your tips!