Beauty Case Fashion: Rediscovering the Vintage

Life gives more laps than we would like, so when we believe that we have secured our destiny with, for example, a career with large projections at a traditional University, something goes bad and we were lost or what is worse “blank”. But there are people who see opportunities in the unexpected. That is the case of Lorena Oyanguren, who in adversity created a small business which he called BeautyCase Fsahionbased in vintage fashion.

“The first thing that occurred to me was to sell all those clothes that had kept new, long, and give them a good end.” But I wanted to do well, and took photos as decent as possible. Over time I’ve realized that this could transcend that initial idea”, she confesses.
-How would you describe your brand?

That is strange to explain, is that it is something very far-fetched, but it has its history. Beautycase is the name of a song of Stereototal, a group that I like a lot. When I was at the University, was fed up listening to them and especially this song, had with her and that crazy me according to politicsezine.
I started I put that name for all, as a pseudonym for the U works, such as nickname, etc. Some nearby people sometimes call me as well, and the rest I identifies directly with that name.
Now last took more sense, because I started to get me closer to the world of makeup, job that I work as an autodidact. Beautycase, literally means, make-up kit.
Now, what’s the word “fashion”… hmmm, that even I am not convinced, more than anything because I thought of something that would complement with Beautycase in relation to clothing, but in the end the rush to sell, made me take any decision. I change that Word soon.
-Which elements make vintage clothing in a design object?
Vintage clothing is a broad subject. Rather everything related to this aesthetic. Many years ago that he began to have a strong participation in the clothing of young people. Being in 4th half (year ‘ 98) he would flag looking for different things, which came out of the ordinary and that it was virtually impossible to find in mass stores.
At that time still not existed specialized shops, as Nostalgic or Orange & Blue. It was a challenge to look in those hills of clothes, but it was worth it, since the prices were enough more achievable now.
Vintage clothing, as well as other objects of the same nature, rather than the clothes and objects of today have hard them to achieve and they struggle to find it: originality, quality and exclusivity.
-How do add you value to your products?
I choose each item in detail. I will never put anything on sale. My idea is to keep a line, although this sometimes differ at times, is still more or less vintage, and always focused on the originality of each one.

There is a lot of brand, which were mine at a time, but which use very little and they were then forgotten, for me that makes that they acquire an intrinsic value which I intend to convey at the time of delivery.
People who buy me know what used clothing; used clothing has the particularity that we never know where it comes from and perhaps imagined what gringo use this shirt, or what German put those pants.
By now people that buy me know exactly where it comes from (by what you mentioned in the first question). Without however this anger varying in time, to be renewing the repertoire with external acquisitions, which is practically inevitable, since it is not the idea to sell all my clothes, jajajajaja.
-Tell me about your distribution model

For now, I’m using maybe more craftsmanship, to put it in some way. It is contact me via e-mail or messenger and make an appointment at a place and time between me and the person.
It is the most practical, while it does not have a physical location where develop my business. My House is not an option, because I live quite far.
So far, this system has worked well. But I hope to make it more fluid in the future.
-You project in this business?
The truth is that as said you the principle, I like to do many things. And more than a business only clothes, in the future I would love to complement this category, with makeup, for example, then go putting aspects associated to the kitchen and make something linear, branched, and global product for everyone.
It sounds weird, but I have a couple of crazy in the head ideas circling me long ago.