Before Dead Simple! The Best Leggings To Make Yoga

When Megan Fox, Reese Witherspoon, Nicky Hilton and Eva Longoria were photographed with the signature Lululemon leggings , yoga fans became crazy.

What the hell are these grids to make them so special… and so expensive? They exceed the 100 euros and the actions of the firm went from 2 to 76 dollars in five years. Fashion of the Empire of yoga They have become the pillars and have laid the foundations for that other firms are launched to this market which, by the way, already has new rivals.

Laurent Potdevin, the new executive director of Lululemon, is aware that competitors are making staggering to his Olympus, so are changing strategy. A new heading necessary, especially after being involved in a controversial brand: customers complained that its fabric was so thin that it allowed to see her underwear. They have launched a line called & go, which can also be outside the yoga classes, but they have to fight against Titans like GAP, whose success has increased thanks toAthleta brand, signature of yoga that will soon have more than 100 stores in America.

But Why Leggings Cost So Much?

This is the question that many are made when they discover that three digits appear on the label of your favorite mesh. For starters, the hydrophobic materials are the ideal if you’re going to sweat. This quality fabrics allow that your body temperature does not rise in excess when you train or decrease too when you go to the street after sweating. In addition, there are new in the materials used: wool specific train, silk designed to make sport and Qsilk, a German silk made of proteins derived from sour milk.

The design, as you might expect, is also responsible for the price of some models. Pockets in places strategic and almost invisible, perfect finishes and the absence of seams are other factors that make the leggings to make yoga more expensive than the class itself.

Dear Kate: The Command Leggings

The firm made a study of market that would let existing that 17% of women dispense underwear when they wear leggings in yoga class.This is the reason why were these models, that exceed the hundred euros and which are specially designed to dispense with lingerie. They include a small pocket to save, for example, the keys to the box office, seams that Stylize legs and most importantly: the Underlux material on the inside, which ensures breathability and moisture absorption. Make an asana without panties will be possible starting from $100.

Splits59: Leggings Of Hipsters

Leggings cost $90 and they have become tremendously popular in the studios of New York fitness . The success of signature indie resides in that they have models with a waist that creates the flat stomach effect.Your fabric will do no one any trace of cellulite (if the fabric is too thin, the effect can be devastating) and especially favors the athletic silhouettes. They even have models inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock.

Carbon38: Vip-Stamped

This firm was created by two gurus fitness, Katie Warner Johnson and Caroline Gogolak. Caroline has worked with Yves Saint Laurent and is a yoga teacher. Katie is a coach of celebrities such as Demi Moore and Emmy Rossum. They created a firm who love the multicolored prints-addicted Yogis. Because, as Katie Warner Johnson says, “exercise is a form of expression, so why are you going to wear a uniform to the gym?”. Especially striking are the leggings SukiShufu.They adhere like a second skin and are made with lycra that includes sun protection 50. They are worthy of a concert glam and costing 135 dollars. If David Bowie had seen them in his Ziggy Stardust period, perhaps he would have not done yoga, but surely that it would have bought them for their concerts.

Reebok: Technoart

Sports firm has a few printed leggings that Marvel souls arty. They include PlayDry, technology that repels moisture and keeps the skin dry, and waist made with the same fabric for extra comfort.

Clashist: Leggings With Faces Of Celebrities

James Franco, Ryan Gosling, Zach Galifianakis and Bill Murray are the men who decorate the Clashist leggings on sale at Etsy for 57,52 euros. His fame came as a result of which the actress of the series 2 Broke Girls, Beth Behr (version hipster of Paris Hilton), post your instagram their leggings by Ryan Gosling. What are Eva Mendes that your child decorate the buttocks of the adept to yoga?

By the way: If you like the fashion to do yoga with the faces of famous in your leggings, you should know that Miley Cyrus sold on your web design with your face for 30 euros.

American Apparel: For The Lovers Of Pop

If you’re a fan of Miley Cyrus, since we mentioned it, and want to look that she wears in the video We can´t stop (when was still some clothes up), you will know that you are from American Apparel. Look at the designs of the brand, because you’ll find bold and unexpected fabrics such as velvet prints.