Best Cheap 2017 Paddle Clothing

Bienvenid@s a new guide of “best cheap market paddle clothing”!

As in any other sport, paddle tennis is a sport that requires the use of clothing specific, or specific to the practice of this sport. Men, women and children must have adequate cheap paddle clothing to play comfortably, agile, and efficient.

Dresses, skirts shorts, shorts, t-shirts, skorts, ultimately, on the market there are many proposals for all tastes and needs, and must always choose the model that offers more comfort and agility.

In this complete guide we focused on comparing dozens of garments of paddle, more than 50 models of items for sale on the market, and we have selected as example 9 clothing icon from which you can enjoy a set price according to hartselleclothing.

3 main sections:

  1. Before buying clothing from paddle: key tips
  2. Comparison of brands and prices
  3. Best cheap market paddle clothing

If you have clear what are the clothes that you want, in the following links you our recommendations and our general catalog. If you want more information or unknown are the best options that you currently offers the market… read on!

Complete catalog of 2017 paddle clothing

1. within buy paddle clothing: key tips

Dress or skirt? Shorts or skorts? Dark colors or colors? The choice of the best clothes to play paddle can become an Odyssey, especially for those who are new to this sport similar to tennis.

Either you need to equip yourself to begin to introduce you to the world of the paddle or want to change your old or worn paddle clothing with new ones, is key to that before a decision is given values and analyze all options with which accounts on the market.

Below you will find a series of recommendations that you want to keep in mind when purchasing your cheap paddle clothing, since these tips will help you succeed in your choice and do not repent with the selected items:

  • In the case of men shorts and poles or t-shirts in shades similar to be possible to combine perfectly both parts are recommended
  • In the case of women you can choose to either short dresses and skirts that combined with pampering color/design short sleeve jerseys
  • Always opt for clothes that not only fit your budget, but also be able to cover all the actual capabilities that you may have
  • Choose comfortable clothes and offer you maximum freedom of movement to be able to pay the most in your competitions
  • Remember to choose to paddle clothing that are breathable to prevent sweat from accumulating, and opt for items that do not cause allergies with the friction during use
  • Always opt for the first brands that assure you quality in the materials used

Although for many it may seem a simple task, it should be noted that the choice of paddle clothing is not as easy as it might seem, because there are many aspects that should be considered to make the decision most appropriate in this regard.

2. comparison of brands and prices

The market is full of special items to practice paddle, specific clothing in order to develop this sport in the air free with the maximum guarantee of comfort and satisfaction. But how to choose the best clothes? What features will be take into account?

Or there is doubt that the wide diversity of possibilities the market offers to consumers can lead on many occasions to doubt about what is the best alternative to play this entertaining and attractive sport.

When making a decision about the best cheap choice paddle clothing is suitable to have present the following characteristics to properly choose those items that best fit your needs, budget and lifestyle.

  • Breathable: It is important that all those clothes paddle you purchase are breathable and avoid the accumulation of sweat or moisture in them. It is a very useful feature to ensure comfort and not load it with clothing heavier sweat.
  • Comfort: First and foremost, a paddle clothing must be comfortable for those who used it, and to allow greater freedom of movement, in this way your clothes not become an impediment to get the most out of you mism @ in the competitions.
  • Brand: Choose clothing brand paddle is a safe bet, since it guarantees you high quality and fabrics with reinforced seams that guarantee you greater durability in time, brands like for example Nike, row, Naffta or Babolat, among other possibilities
  • Materials: As a general rule, paddle clothing tends to be made with materials such as polyester, nylon, and cotton.

Cotton : It is often not recommended for the practice of this sport since it absorbs sweat and retains it.

Polyester: It is the material star to paddle clothing, since it manages to isolate humidity, so it enables to keep dry and cool player.

Nylon: it is a very durable and light material, but it is also insulated, so it can cause to the body not to breathe properly.

  • Style: Comfort is very important, but also it is key that you feel good with the style of your clothing, colors, touch and design, since there is nothing more important than use clothes that are nice for the person who uses it
  • Seams flat: Paddle with FLATLOCK stitching garments allow to enjoy the minimum risk of skin irritation during your use due to the friction of fabric with the sweaty skin
  • Flexibility/elasticity: It is essential that the paddle clothing is flexible and elastic, allowing at all times greater freedom of movement and agility, especially during workouts or competitions that are carried out

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The most popular paddle clothing brands

In the market there are 3 cheap paddle clothing brands that succeed above others:

  • Nike: Nike brand is one of the marks par excellence for the lovers of this sport, Nike is synonymous with quality, durability, design, style and comfort, fundamental requirements that any sportswear clothing must meet to be adequate.
  • Babolat: other brands par excellence for the lovers of this sport is Babolat, a brand that combines style, heavy duty design, durability and comfort. If you are looking for a good value for money this is the mark that you need.
  • Naffta: nor could stay on the shelf mark Naffta, a brand that does not go unnoticed to the fans of this sport, since their designs, materials, colors, and comfort offered by your clothes make a safe bet.
Price range

Prices will depend on the brand, acquired garment, construction materials and many other factors, but to grosso mode can be said that the range of prices for garments in general for this sport oscillates between 20 and 150 Euros approximately.

Among those lowest cheap paddle garments on the market one can quote shirt mens Nike Power UV Crew, whose price is 23 Euros, either shirt mens Nike Legend Poly SS Tee, whose cost is 25 euros.

Among those higher-priced clothing one can quote Naffta tennis paddle B00Y127ZFQ dress, whose cost is 105 euros, either dress Naffta tennis paddle, whose cost is 100 euro.

3 best cheap market paddle clothing

Then we offer you a list that collects the 9 best garments paddle cheap of the moment.

Let’s get started!

9 ultrasport Chennai B00Q6W5NF8

Comfortable shorts Black Womens fully tightened to the body. They are breathable and fast drying. They have a high content of spandex to offer greater flexibility.

It has stamped the brand logo and has flat seams that will reduce the risk of skin irritation. It can be like to paddle or tennis, or well below a skirt pants.

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8 ultrasport Brisbane B00Q6W4VOW

These light and comfortable shorts in black or white heat for man are narrow cut. It has a length above the knee. They are breathable, quick drying.

Point out that pockets backing is firmly stitched, fully reinforced, to be able to catch the balls. It is a model of elastic and breathable to prevent sweat is being hosted in the garment.

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7 paddle Naffta B00Q skirt

This flirty skirt sports short in Lilac color has been manufactured with adjustable fabric with styling effect. It provides protection against ultrasolares, in addition to be breathable and offer greater freedom of movement.

It is a female garment with ruffle that provides thermal insulation and a soft touch, a breathable and quick drying garment. It is the garment of cheap paddle better valued by consumers, because of their quality, price and design.

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6 Naffta tennis paddle B00Y127E7K

This bobita skorts for woman in white and azure offers a perfect fit to the body and provides maximum comfort to adequately develop your training and competitions.

Composed of polyamide, this pretty skirt for tennis and paddle is presented as one of the most interesting models in the market due to its great design, perfect finishes and its pristine colors.

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5 Naffta tennis paddle woman T-shirt

This shirt of handles in ash grey, white and green for women is composed of polyamide.

This shirt fits the woman’s body perfectly, being fitted so that it provides the greatest flexibility and comfort.

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4 Nike Power UV Crew

This economic men’s short sleeve t-shirt available in various colors to choose. This model was made with armholes and seams of anatomical adjustment panels to achieve a high freedom of movement.

This tennis-paddle of Nike mens t-shirt will help keep you dry at all times, freeing you from the sweat, as well as protect you from UV rays. It is an ideal model for man demanding looking for quality at the best price.

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2 polo paddle man Babolat

This elegant men’s short sleeve polo is available in various colors, and is not only ideal for paddle, but is suitable for other sports.

This polo provides comfort, flexibility, elasticity, durability, design and price.

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1. dress woman Pádel Naffta

This beautiful and elegant dress for woman in short sleeve is a sure bet for the players looking for a fitted garment, perfectly adjusted to the body, and that provide maximum flexibility, comfort and elasticity.