Betsey Johnson Women’s Clothing

Betsey Johnson offers us a very particular women’s fashion collection: the fall-winter 2010/11 women’s wardrobe that chooses the fashion brand, in fact, it is rich in very original clothes, perfect for a bad girl, a rebel woman, who loves to put it clear how things are, bluntly: the woman of Betsey Johnson sure knows what she wants and knows very well how to get it, by any means and at any cost. The woman of fashion brand is aggressive, but also very colorful: does not go unnoticed if he wears this style!

On the occasion of the recent fashion shows for autumn-winter 2010/11, Betsey Johnson has proposed a set of heads that seems to draw inspiration from the Saloons of the old West, with models parading even with guns (obviously fake and colorful, to fill with water, completely harmless!).
The heads of fashion brand for the cold season are characterized by the color red, which gives a very intense and impact that speaks to us of the passion that the woman Betsey Johnson puts in his life. Starting from clothing that sports: dark coats on jerseys short and clear, stretch dresses , colored socks , but also look quite intriguing, to be always protagonist, both good and bad, of course.

Betsey Johnson gives us very special Accessories: then what about the Hat that features a small bird? The animal lives up there as if it were his nest … I mean, you understand that it is a very particular collection … And definitely not for everyone, but only for those who love a style curious!