Blake Lively Is The Sexiest Even Handcuffed on The Cover of Interview

Few famous nowadays as there is Blake Lively. Few that generate such admiration and some further criticism as it chooses its daring models where clothing is conspicuous by its absence. Few know how to combine the provocation with the style as well. Few have art in posing sexy until cuffed.

The next issue of Interview It is home to the image of the actress’s Gossip Girl with photoshop more not to, approaching, forgiveness by comparison, Edurne (that you already like …). And it is that although it comes out pretty, she could have gone better without much retouching it denatures everything.

After the objective is Craig McDean that lately it is dealing of important and notable works. Best of all it is who makes the interview to Blake Lively: Ben Affleck. It has no loss.

From the website of the Magazine Interview we have the opportunity to watch a behind the scenes to see how the session was conducted. Highly recommended.