Blogger Power: The New Issue of The Magazine Atelier

In this era of magazines, skinny, in which some close, others change and all are subject to the power of brands that are advertised in them, the online universe is more infinite than ever. But all universe is as infinite as uncharted and arising new publications of fashion, especially the hand or pen of bloggers, can be a feat of epic proportions.

We speak of the magazine Atelier and your new number, eight. Your credora Beatriz Vera It has already consolidated as Director of a magazine that promotes the patriotic design, new creators and the little seen, read, and dress. Can we think of greater courage?

In its new issue, Special illustrators, Atelier shows us the work of several Spanish illustrators with even less known than Elena or Labanda names, but future equally promising.

Stories, contributions from bloggers, and interviews which showed the daughter of Adolfo Dominguez they occupy the interactive pages of the personal project of which is a bit of all the bloggers.

Official site.