Bloody Mary: Traveling Vintage Fashion Shop

Open a store in a physical space can be expensive and operationally complex. Why the alternative of the pop-up store, virtual spaces, and the roaming wins adept in the world of fashion. Today I’ll tell you a case that mixed the roaming with the vintage, giving life to meetings of slow fashion and resignification. I am referring to the Bloody Mary of Paula Commentz and Sofía Saénz store. We visited it?

Motivations for creating Bloody Mary

“There are two things that gave us the initiative. One is that the two are lovers of beauty; and the second is that we are ‘daughters of doing’. “This year the two share much time together, and these two things we did very latent, leading us to create Bloody Mary”.

The proposal of Bloody Mary

“Bloody Mary is a traveling vintage clothing that promotes the use of original and recycled with an authentic style clothing store, making buying a social and collective activity, calling events through social networking. “We did the first of April and to date we have made nine events, summoning about 60 people for activity”.

The criteria for selecting the Bloody Mary catalogue clothing

“Our approach is to rescue garments that have a historical memory, as a heritage of fashion that today it can carry marking style.”

The difference between the used clothing and clothing vintage according to Bloody Mary

“The used clothing can be clothes in the closet of any person, who simply had a use. Unlike the vintage clothes, collecting aesthetic characteristics of an era”.

The advantages of eating according to Bloody Mary vintage clothing

“In favor of using vintage clothing:”

1. recycling, the vintage clothing gives a second use at the production process of a garment which is a great contribution to the environment according to
2. style, vintage is a unique garment that gives it originality to the contemporary by having a historical memory.
“3. exclusive, affordable exclusive garments.”

Bloody Mary strategies to seduce its audience

“To seduce our audience we can use the call, which is to create meetings in various locations under the invitation fans of Bloody Mary. A perfect blend for socializing in a different way around fashion”.

The evaluation of the challenges of this process and the start of Bloody Mary

“As home evaluated it very positively at this time we have a new concept, because not only it is a clothing store but is also a social and style encounter.” Our main challenge so far is promote the meaning Bloody Mary, to make every meeting more broadcast than the previous one and that our name transmit style”.

The future of Bloody Mary

“Long term we’d continue always to innovate in each event by applying our creativity as architects. At this time we are working on a project for this summer involving a route traveling beyond of the Fifth Region, and in the short term have the launch of our brand in Santiago alongside other brands of fashion.”