Bollé Bolt Golf Sunglasses

B-Clear glass provides exceptional clear view. This improves your fine motor skills and coordination ability will be too great. Now you can carefully offset every slice, hook and chip with total aplomb. It is no wonder that the top professional Lee Westwood uses these golf sunglasses. Bollés V3 Golf glass can make a huge difference in your game. They do the putting green even sharper. The contrast is clear – and the runway details stands out clearly. The ball is also clearer. The distances will be easier to judge – which means that you can choose the best club for each beating.

Bollé Bolt Golf Sunglasses

Bollés Ryder

These sunglasses have photochromic glass as standard. So they become lighter and darker, depending on the lighting conditions. This means that visibility is perfect from start to end. It is also easy and fast to replace the glasses. The inside prevents anti-fog coating water drops into sit on the glass. Outside sits a hydrophobic coating. It ensures that the oil and dirt cannot interfere with your vision.

Bollé bolt’s B-Clear glass is created by the versatile material Trivex. It keeps the frame down in weight, but also provide protection against flying objects and harmful UV rays. See how on The reflection which is reflected in the shiny surfaces are generally dazzling. But polarized glass makes it of with the reflection, so the eyes can relax. So it’s the end of squint and you can focus.

Vintage Sunglass

And then there’s the Bollé Bolts half mounted frames. Instead of limiting your view field of vision is unobstructed by the lower frame. Glass ‘ curvature is carefully adapted to extend your peripheral vision. And the curved frame makes the prospect even wider (and gives optimal page protection). Bolt is pleasantly light. But these sunglasses are at the same time great Hardy. Double grip on the bars prevents that they slip by. You don’t have to fumble around with gear all the time. Do you want a tailor-made fit? Just adjust the nose pads.

See also the official Ryder Cup Bolt. This special edition is a collector’s item and the sunglasses are equipped with the symbol of the rod. This Special Edition gives you a sense of being with which it happens while you are making yourself noticed. These are also easy to take on and off, depending on your mood. You get not only function, but also style. Bollé Bolt has the shape of a classic sports Sunglass that sweeps around your face. The timeless gloss white model is a good investment, which is easy to carry. We have seen collections on the catwalk, which is inspired by sports sunglasses. Bolts definitive form gives a contemporary nerve to your sporting outfit as well as your casual look.