Boyfriend Jeans and Military Jacket

Boyfriend jeans and military jacket… a very sport, chic and modern look!

And that is one of the few advantages that may have to be a chubby pregnant that it took much more time in our size to lose by what we can take more advantage of our ropto. I don’t know if in my case is due to lost weight (7 kilos already) but the fact is that I’m still getting my pants while I tighten (that Yes, shirts and blouses can not say the same thing).

A few days ago I rescued my pants style “boyfriend” of the closet and decided to create a look that had medium profiled in my head for awhile. Remember that the idea came me a bit of This POST’s Eli for two things, a by the parka (I have this very similar and I was not using it much) and another by the wedges (because although I hate the Sneakers I love cribs). So at that time had clear I had to use more these two items and that not everything could be dresses and more dresses.

Thus had clear already tris clothes, parka, pants and shoes… still missing me clothing! Now it could release to you the roll that I chose black because blah blah, to not remove protagonism, blah blah, which combines well with persimmon, blah blah and would be great, but the truth was white and had no idea of what to wear. So I started to walk me through my cupboards (or what others would call dressing) and I saw the belt and light bulb lit up me! There if it was automatically when I chose black for the rest of the garments.

The result is that you see and my personally I really like. I love these jeans with wedges, I like tacks, the touch of the parka, the female collar point… me I like everything! At the time I thought it had just reloaded it too (you think would??) but even if separately much like I think that altogether the look works .

And with regard to pregnancy… I will repeat ultrasound, so I’m happier than a shopaholic earlier this month! Perhaps this time will look better to the berberechin and I can confirm… well, don’t sing victory but hopefully!