Bra? They Do Not Wear Never And Take It Very Well

Four women who no longer used bra have explained their experience yesterday in Besançon during a symposium on the breast.
Besançon. do the BRA? They do not wear never and take it very well. Do feminists? ? Do not necessarily?, boast. ? No we do proselytizing, we do not seek to convince anyone, it is not a political act. We simply are better without a bra?. Yesterday,Ophelie Boxberger, Geneviève Belot, Capucine Vercelotti andAude Dole participated, in Bensancon, in a symposium with the sinus and its significance as subject, organized by the laboratory C3S (Culture, sport, Santé, Société) of the Sports UPFR of the University of Franche-Comté.

These four women have, in common, participating in a study by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, primary responsibility for these days. This doctor of Bensancon is known worldwide for carry, since 1997, a survey with a question to answer: does the use of BRA protect aging and ptosis (fall) of the sinuses? More than 320 women, the majority of Franche-Comté, were provided to this study, submitting, for years, to biometric measurements of its? triangle Buffon?, i.e. the space between the ends of the breasts and navel, so-called measure of an aesthetic ideal of the female breast.

? When it is cold, is it annoying? And the researcher who measured the torso with a centimeter from years ago, four women are totally convinced: for them, the BRA does not have any utility.And on the contrary, your breasts are better care since I have sent it to the bottom of the Cabinet.

? When I started running?, explains Ophelie Boxberger, athlete of high level, reserve champion of France of 800 meters and Professor of physical education, ? He wore very tight Bras that made me damage. Under the advice of the doctor Rouillon, I removed them I. At the beginning, it was quite painful, but that feeling lasted a short time. Do you get used quickly?.

Since 2006, Ophélie removed top without using it anymore. NI Athletics tracks, or in their daily lives. ? Are certainly should pay attention to what you wear?, explains fun, ? to too open or transparent apparels. Also had to convince my mother, who did not see the issue with keen eye?

. Ophélie and her three friends explain also, naturally, some ? embarrassing situations?: ?When it’s cold and the nipples are noticeable under a shirt, the eyes of the people is sometimes annoying. But one learns quickly to cover the greatcoats?. And to be prepared in any eventuality, Aude explains which resource is the use of nipple protectors?…

The valuation of a life without a bra? ? Do excellent!? they say the Quartet choir. ? To it has been very quick and clean?, indicates Ophelie, ? especially in the tissue quality. I had stretch marks that have disappeared?. Capucine, equally great athlete, says having ? breathed even better. You feel less oppressed, you stay more straight. And now, if I put it to me, it becomes a real discomfort?.

Minority in France Genevieve, osteopath in 60 years, guarantees, following the measures of the Dr Rouillon, that his chest is better since has pulled the accessory away. ? When it is not sharp or compressed, breast breathing tissues are reinforced, finds its natural on the body site, it is firmer and more harmonious?.

Four women, note, absolutely convinced. In fact, they represent a small minority. According to the estimate from, only 5% of the women reject completely the bra. A proportion diametrically opposed to those of the countries of Northern Europe, where a woman in ten only takes you on a regular basis.

Would you be able to take off the BRA forever?