Bridal Shower 101: Great Tips for Bridesmaids to Throw a Great Celebration

Today I will show you the bridal shower of the bride of the year! Ariana is our long-time friend. … She was bridesmaid at my wedding and now she is going to marry my cousin (to keep it in the family!), I, Julia and two friends are going to be her bridesmaid, too!

So. .. since we are really best friends we decided to prepare a super special bridal shower for her with everything done just right!

All in this dinner (except the cake, cupcakes and cookies) was homemade, so if you like something and want a step by step or a more detailed post just let me know in the comments.

Get ready for a flood of pictures, ok?!


I’ll start with my favorite part that is decoration. The colors chosen were pink and black, and we chose to put details in white, so as not to weigh heavily on the environment.

All the visual identity of the dinner (invitation, badges, mounts, platelets, banner, posters …) was designed by me and my Husband! Girls … The poor man suffered with me, anything he showed me was “good enough”, but in the end everything turned out exactly as I’d imagined.


To the main table, we bought in glory two white flowerpots and a ball of grass. Each cachepot was 2 dollars, and the ball of grass (that split in half and put half on each cachepot) was 10 dollars!

I asked a cousin who works at a fancy restaurant here a favor to keep to myself a few bottles of water, and Julia the graced with a black lace and a lace Chanel pink, ending with a pink flower. It was very lovely! Everyone loved it!
Still on the table, we take an old glass vase and put it in bed, full of pearls with some flowers inside to give it a charm.


For those who don’t know, Marcella is a chef, so we leave that whole part under her responsibility and she rocked!

We chose not to hire a waiter (even so no one stayed shy) so the food was in the best self-service style!

ATTENTION: If you are really hungry, stop here. The photos below are highly mouthwatering.

Salty food: sandwiches; cones filled with chicken (was delicious!), pretzels, bread sticks with gorgonzola sauce, and we even made hot dog to fill the belly of the chicks!

To sweeten it up a bit, we ordered a Naked Cake and wonderful cupcakes of kit kat (fantastic!), cookies decorated in the form of panties that have made the greatest success, and Marcella put in pots a sweet chocolate with Strawberry pieces, in addition to having made several little cups with Strawberry mousse.

Ahhh … I can only speak of the Jelly shots and the Bears Wasted that Juh prepared!

We did the normal Jello and add the ice water, and put in a little Vodka. It was as sooo good!

Now the teddy bears, these are those delicious Jello bullets that we buy in supermarkets. To make the recipe just put the bears in a bowl full of vodka and leave them in the refrigerator for 1 day. Personally, I prefer them without the drink. I did not like it too much. LOL.


Besides the common games, we wanted something different to brighten up the dinner. That’s where I met Geise Cavaliere. In addition to being Sexy Coach she was helpful and provided us with moments of much learning and fun! Highly recommended!

At the beginning of the party, each guest chose a badge representing the booty call they would like to spend a night with, and whenever someone called him by another name other than chosen, he must pay with a gift!

After participation of Geise, we started to fool around. I had already done a number of questions to the groom and the bride should answer them the same way, otherwise, she would pay with a gift! In short, it was a super fun night, with several pictures that cannot be published. LOL.


No party is party if there’s no souvenir, right?!

I wanted something that had to do with the theme, which appeal to all and that we would have spent a lot of money! That’s when I contacted my Savior Isadora, who managed, in 3 days, buy and send me, directly from RJ 16 garters (sexy/cuff …) for ladies! We put the garters in a box, along with a cookie decorated in the form of panties! It was very cute and everyone loved it!!

This post is becoming huge, isn’t it?!

I love to prepare every detail and I’m seriously considering to start doing this for a living! Will that work?!LOL

And then … what do you think?

Do you have any little bride around you?