Brioni Takes a New Direction with Justin O’Shea as Creative Director

There were many in the fashion industry who raised eyebrows when the venerable house Brioni suit in March announced that Justin O’Shea will be the new creative director of the company. O’Shea previously lacking experience as a designer is hired to rejuvenate and develop the tailored house brand and recently we saw the first examples of this.

For those not familiar with Justin O’Shea from before, it is perhaps best to have a short presentation. He is originally from Australia and perhaps best known as one of street style photographers largest quarry during fashion weeks. O’Shea served as the Fashion Director at Myth holidays. A mission he managed brilliantly then the company has gone from being a small shop in Munich, one of the largest e-commerce with sales of close to a billion.

One of the first steps, Justin O’Shea did as the new Creative Director of Brioni was to launch a new logo. A font that exudes Gothic and medieval but is inspired by the company logo in the 1950s.

The next step was to use the world’s best säljane metal bands; Metallica in their campaign where members all wearing the new suit silhouette Continental.

Justin’s first collection was recently shown in Paris, where the focus is very much on making the suit cool again. There will be a lot of attitude in the form of narrow-cut suits, chinchilla coats and attaché cases. A large portion of heavy metal and classical elegance less than the company had previously been associated with.

How the market will accept this new direction remains to be seen but it will certainly be exciting to follow.