Button Down

Button-down shirt is perhaps most associated with sun-bleached vacation style. Not infrequently washed in Oxford and linen qualities to best match chinosen and light canvas shoes. However, button-down shirt is far more than the US east coast romance.

For the model perhaps associated primarily with American brands like Gitman Brothers, Polo Ralph Lauren, J.Press and not least Brooks Brothers often mentioned as the very first mark with button-down shirts in its range. The inspiration for the model is said to have come from Argentine polo players wore a similar skjortmodell during their competitions. The model was looking into more dressed-up connection, and today it is worn often with tie. Something that, for example, British skjortkultur be regarded as considerably more odd.

As so often before, the Italian style icon Gianni Agnelli played an important role in the wearing of button-down shirts. At Brooks Brothers was the obvious visits to industrial Magna’s US visit. But unlike the US very buttoned way to wear button-down shirts buttoned up Agnelli buttons on the collar to affirm collar soft wave.