Buying a Okonstruerad Blazer

It will be many questions about okonstruerade jackets. What distinguishes okonstruerade from unlined jackets and what is important to consider when buying this type of jackets?

It may sound like a ordmässig somersault to talk about okonstruerade structures. At the same time, it is important to emphasize the difference with the term unlined. For an unlined design really means only that the jacket has no inner lining. To give something better mobility is generally used a half-lined construction with lining in the sleeves and back. The design behind the jacket is not affected by the jacket is half or completely unlined, but it can have exactly the same structure as a fully lined jacket.

The term okonstruerat aimed at the whole structure of the jacket – or rather the lack of structure. A okonstruerad jacket lacks a well liner, as evidence in the shoulders, providing a ruined silhouette which completely adapts to the body shape. Now there are many jackets called okonstruerade, but that really is unlined, making the concepts somewhat misleading.

Many surprised that okonstruerade jackets are relatively expensive, especially considering that they lack the time consuming construction that characterizes many better jackets. But to get to a okonstruerad blazer is no easy task. The absence of the shims make it much more difficult to control the fabric to get a nice fit. A okonstruerad jacket sitting nicely at the same time have a better chance to conform to the wearer.

For those who attend bought the anchors about buying a okonstruerad blazer can be a little difficult to find the right. Since the basic fit becomes particularly noticeable is obviously the best to let måttsy a blazer. Unfortunately, very few manufacturers offering fully okonstruerade jackets in their standard range. The only real tip is to try and try jackets from as many manufacturers as possible. Be sure to coat sits nicely in the shoulders, back and upper chest. Since it is obviously easier to tailor a change to subsequently adjust a jacket that no mass bric krams inside.

As is often the most critical point of the shoulders. With this type of construction, it is especially significant that the whole jacket falling from the shoulders. Anyone who has ever tried a okonstruerad jacket from one of the better clothing manufacturers quickly notice shaft living form, which stands in stark contrast to the dozen jackets with their square shoulders.