How to Wear Mini Skirts

In the 60s, even a scandal, now a classic: the miniskirt. The following questions and answers about the garment.

How to Wear Mini Skirts

Who can wear a miniskirt?

The miniskirt is to look at the legs free completely. This means that even small fat pads, tight calves or slightly shorter legs are undisguised. Beautiful and – more importantly – groomed legs are the alpha and omega of this garment. Choose your miniskirt wisely: A-line skirts are well suited for women with strong hips or large thighs. Small, closely stitched back pockets can be a big act Po narrower. For mature women a Mini in a dark color or in black and is suitable.


What you wear under the skirt?

A flesh-colored tights under the skirt will not only warm but also makes beautiful legs. On top of the pantyhose is almost inconspicuous. Who does not like to show his legs, accesses an opaque variant. Patterned, striped or dotted tights are fashionable eye and put additional stress on the legs. In autumn or winter leggings keep warm under the mini skirt, so you even on cold days do not have to give up your favorite part. An alternative to leggings is a woolen tights. Note, however, that the break between skirt and tights are not too big – because a summer skirt made of thin material does not fit the woolen version.

What shoes to wear a mini skirt?

The miniskirt is the legs in scene, so footwear should not fail extravagant: sizing pumps, ankle boots, sandals and small Wedges see the miniskirt very good. In autumn and winter boots complete the miniskirt wonderful. At very high heels and Overknees you should not, however, otherwise gets seductive outfit is too revealing touch.


How to combine a leather mini skirt?

If you wear a leather mini skirt, then he is the star of your outfit. Select the shell discreetly and subtly the top and high neck. A silk blouse or a shirt with lace fit well for leather skirt. In winter, it can be worn with a sweater or a wool sweater, because the knitted leather combination harmonizes perfectly with each other. It is important: Always wear only a piece of leather on the body, otherwise has the outfit quickly some of Rocker Club.


What suits a denim mini?

A casual, sporty and timeless version of the miniskirt is the denim mini. In summer it is combined for the casual look with T-shirt and strappy sandals. A fancier touch he gets a blouse and peep toes or pumps. For the holidays a maritime striped shirt and canvas shoes are a good choice. In winter you can wear the denim mini with wool tights, boots and sweaters or XXL Cardigan without problems continue. Tip: If you combine his jeans skirt with various belts and times over, sometimes carrying the shell in the skirt has, together with only a basic in your closet the same a lot of outfit options. More tips, follow this url.


Further information:

Brand: AJC, Arizona, FLG Flashlights, Laura Scott, Levi’s, s.Oliver, Tom Tailor and many more.

Material: cotton, jersey, jeans, wool, leather, imitation leather tweed, silk, stretch.

Miniskirts – cleverly combined with each season

An evergreen women’s fashion are miniskirts. The small pieces of favorite Madam never go out of fashion. Miniskirts and Long Coats fit thanks to its variety to any style in winter 2016. The classic mini skirt is tight and straight cut. In addition to soft jersey fabrics and miniskirts made jeans are popular. Jean Minis delight their wearers usually refined details such as sewn belt with decorative closing, elaborate stitching, Gehschlitze. Striking prints and elaborate ablutions complete the casual denim look.