By the Spring of 2016 Brunello Cucinelli

The fashion designers who influenced men’s fashion tailoring most of the past decade is probably Brunello Cucinelli. He mixed the concepts of sportswear and tailoring, and is more or less solely responsible for the trend of cargo pants to the jacket which is then copied by virtually every player in the market. For spring, the company continues along this line, and we have looked at the collection.

It must be said that Brunello Cucinellis signature style is something that has been part of the company’s campaigns long before they got their big break. It has over 10 years could see combinations of jeans or cargo pants for a tailored jacket with a stylish knit sweater over her shoulders. The look is often supplemented with a few coarse brogues in suede.

The advantage of this is that even if one is not convinced Cucinellis “total look” so there are often lots of garments that can suit the modern man. Knitwear in cashmere, stylish jeans and cotton trousers and jackets in suede casual moments and tailored elements in the form of a suit and jacket.

With that said, it is of course that particular look that made Cucinelli so successful and often what people who like the brand strives to carry.


For spring, we see the jacket as a key item. The worn under vests, over layers of knit as well as dressy pants. The pants have for the season got a bit more volume in the thigh with a tapered silhouette and a single pleat front. Colors are true Cucinelli spirit in blue, off white, brown and sand.

It has previously been discussed a lot about the company’s high prices really are in line with the quality blazer and recently bought Brunello Cucinelli up tailor d’Avenza proudly off with a completely hand-stitched premium product. Hopefully the purchase result in a higher level of both craftsmanship and design of the company jackets.