Cacharel Paris Fashion Week

Fashion house Cacharel, on the occasion of the recent fashion shows in Paris, we have proposed the best Womenswear collections pret a porter, for next fall-winter 2010/11, introduced us to her wardrobe: Parisian catwalks appears footprint Casey Charlier, at his first winter collection. The style Cacharel for next winter riot girl tells us, that seem to be tomboys, but who do not hide their femininity, never even if covered with a masculine cut dresses, women seem to have borrowed from the wardrobe of their comrades.

Fashion house Cacharel offers us a woman ready to spring at all times, who loves the comfort and tackles his days with Metropolitan shoes strictly low: more on stilts that we usually see on runways around the world.

In house Cacharel you think Yes to femininity, but never forgetting that things should not wear causing pain!
The new collection of women’s fashion Cacharel consists of garments that follow the lines of the body, without weighing it down or force it too much, the chiefs clearly inspired male but that are tailor made to enhance the femininity of every woman: to always remember, that in the soul of every woman there are both styles and attitudes and to pull out the rebel who is in all of us!