Cargo Pants

There are a lot of pieces that are hard to relate to. As we do not really want to encourage anyone to wear, but at the same time can not help but comment. Last in the line of garments for some strange reason encountered a boost is cargo pants.

Although cargo pants are an interpretation of army trousers, tailored for more civil contexts, those two certainly not be confused. In appearance reminds namely cargo pants more about chinos albeit with a slightly wider silhouette and the characteristic pockets on the thigh. The garment has been seen frequently among American designers such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Michael Bastian, J.Crew and Woolrich Woolen Mills. Usually, sewn in cotton fabric, but there are even more variations dressed in flannel example.

Now many are asking secure the void cargo pants really fills. Had these pants not been much prettier but two blaffiga pockets on the thigh? In nine cases out of ten, the answer is probably yes. But for those who like to put a little workwear-mark on the style cargo pants are not entirely wrong. It certainly requires a great sense of style of the wearer and the risk is always to be taken as a confused member of the Home Guard. With attention to silhouette and materials, however, cargo pants become an intriguing detail, not least for those who appreciate a bit more quirky elements in the upholstery. Who ever said that the style must be built on reason?