Carlo Pignatelli Wedding Dresses

For the 2016 Carlo Pignatelli has created a collection of wedding ceremony all new, colorful and fresh, designed for any type of occasion.From the evening and sophisticated look to a more ladylike style and cheeky, the new line of models will adapt to your various needs. Following what are the new trends, the Piedmontese designer has created simple cuts, however, compounds with fine materials and rich colors. Long dress, shorts or dresses complete? The choice is yours, you just need to find out the whole collection, to find a solution to your research.

Color and imagination to the collection in 2016

The season of weddings is officially open: you know, with the arrival of spring the majority of lovers decided to celebrate the wedding with a mild climate, in a sunny day, which cheers and illuminates everything. Carlo Pignatelli appears to have interpreted this desire, drawing a collection of wedding ceremony vibrant and colorful for invited. If the collection of wedding dresses in 2016 was contained in the colors (not too much, in fact, just look at the models in blue, pink and blue), the ceremony could not resist the imaginative plots, floral-inspired, with an oriental mood for some models. And so we find, among the clothes proposed for the coming season, beautiful pink, blue, pastel colors, matched with more sober models, suitable for an evening ceremony, black or dark blue. For those who like the more neutral color, there are proposals champagne-colored, embellished with embroidery and small but bright pearls. The floral patterns are the stars of the season, as well as different color combinations: blue and white, pink and white, blue and green.

different cuts for all occasions

The colors are a riot of originality and imagination in the collection Carlo Pignatelli in 2016, while for the cuts we see a basic simplicity, made ​​more sophisticated by the choice of precious materials such as silk and chiffon with different processes. For those looking for a wedding gown and elegant, we see beautiful proposals with straight cut, slipped, or slightly flared, without excessive volumes on the skirt.

The female figure is thus more slender, life thins, the hips are measured gently. The short dresses or asymmetrical, however, tend to smooth cut, with silk draperies, lightweight ruffles and belts at the waist. Little gem for those who love to wear the pants in the ceremonies, an elegant suit in powder pink, suitable for the wedding day. Another feature of the collection, which helps to give a touch bon ton and back to the dresses, the choice to use simple necklines, boat, accolades, no transparencies.Sleeves are well combined soft and airy with many of the models in 2016 , for a chic and not overly provocative. To top it off, this year Carlo Pignatelli has created a line of wedding shoes that reflect the colors of the clothes, for a perfect match.