Carrera 5022S Sunglass

You will get three pairs of sunglasses when you buy Carreras innovative 5022S sunglasses. It has two interchangeable frames fronts included in exciting colors. Easily and quickly you can clip optyl front on metal frame with the round glass in polycarbonate. Get a new look in an instant and stand out from the crowd. It’s that easy.

Start with the round silhouette and metal frame from Bridgat. Round sunglasses popularity shot up in the ‘ 60s with Beatles legend John Lennon, which went with them. Robert Downey Jr, Bradley Cooper and Johnny Depp are contemporary fans. The round silhouette creates a strong statement and give definition to your face, but at

Carrera 5022S Sunglass

the same time face up bleed. Wing-shaped rods, also made of metal, sits next to the metal front. Carreras name also appears here to guarantee the 5022Ss authenticity. The wing-shaped rods gives a modern twist to the 5022Ss retro front.

Carrera 5022S Sunglass 2 Carrera 5022S Sunglass

In the late 90 ‘s was the interchangeable covers introduced to mobile phones. Like mobile art will be now selected to match with sunglasses, handbags, shoes and clothes. Carrera 5022S comes with interchangeable covers and inspiration comes from mobile covers. Turn your sunglasses according to your mood.

You can choose to use 5022S without optylfronten. Match the pink glass with exotic floral print this summer. Or dress up 5022S in the black front and berries together with black outfit and let the tubes stand clearly forward. And when the Sun really has a hold, you can choose the yellow. Safari jackets and khaki were popular in SS15s catwalk for men. Find your inner Explorer forward and berries the with black and gray camouflage, green havana front or green glass surrounded by metal. Carreras camo is, however, different from others. 5022Ss camo is geometrically instead of a standard camo-pattern. Or set the multi colored camo with sportswear.

And remember that it can be switched back anytime you want it. The color blue on SS15 dominated the catwalk. And by adding it to the 5022S kept sunglasses trendy. 5022Ss blue front with yellow glass will complete any casual denim outfit. Use 5022S in white to contrast with a black suit this season. And get the ladies ‘ hearts to throb with 5022S in red. With three options in one pair of 5022S can you let your sunglasses adapt to your day.