Carry On Back-Jacket

Function is the new black in men’s fashion. Is it not a high-performance fabric then it is most likely a new unique pocket solution that accommodates laptop and half the household goods. Last in the line of interesting phenomena is the jacket and the jacket that you can wear on your back.

It must be said right away that this is far from a revolutionary detail. Especially considering that there are manufacturers whose jackets can be converted into tents or their chairs. It is rather interesting that this is a detail which is beginning to spread. Swedish J.Lindeberg is like Canali and Loro Piana (in the pictures) are just some examples of manufacturers that autumn provided their jackets and jackets with shoulder straps for easy take off your jacket when it gets too hot and then throw it on your back.

How necessary is this feature? Considering that today there are fabrics with completely amazing properties and that really adapts to the prevailing weather, it’s felt a bit like a gimmick. Meanwhile, to avoid hanging the jacket over the arm when it is too hot and could have his hands completely free is not entirely wrong. Anyway, it’ll not be long before the phenomenon noted on The Sartorialist and unhealthy style conscious men all over the world begin to match her outfit with a jacket on his back.