Cashmere Sweater

Summer and winter. Dressed up as free. Cashmere sweater is man’s best friend. Year-round, around the clock.

To bet on the wardrobe classics are rarely so true that when it comes to cashmere sweaters. A garment that always puts a luxurious spin on life, regardless of whether the wearer is in the office or on the way to the gym. The live material adapts constantly the temperature making it almost completely untied the season.

Style-wise, cashmere sweater always impeccably correct. Inspired by the Italian style and wearing a cashmere cardigan with finer wool covers, sporty desert boots, shirt with soft collar and elegant woolen tie. Or look towards the British Isles where a v-neck cashmere pullover often worn with a tweed jacket, corduroy pants in bright colors and brogues.

And remember the classic Gucci quote: “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”