Casual Dresses And Outfits For Christmas And New Year 2014

Do you have curves and do not know what to wear at Christmas dinner? I bet they will love this fashion for their holidays at the end of the year …

I do not know when the year was over . I was just recovering from my knee operation in January and suddenly, take it, again December . They say that when the time goes you like water is because you are having a good time, but do not invent!

Did you pass too fast or did not you feel so much?

The point is that since last year I’m doing a special Christmas fashion for fat women with options of cute outfits, not so expensive and in extra sizes so they can go great, both Christmas and New Year’s Eve . If you did not have the opportunity to see last year’s special, I’ll leave you here to have a look, worth a shot: ” Christmas outfits for girls with curves “. Surely the clothes I put are no longer, however maybe you can read to see the stores that I mention, probably if they take a turn, find something nice this season from HBBLTD.

Total that for this 2014 was planning to do something bigger and to include more women with curves because same and already tired to see me only to me … jiji #nocierto, was not for that, in fact the objective to invite more girls was that in The photos would leave more body types to identify with some and give an idea of ​​how they could see such or such clothes .

Total time was passing (running, I would say), and with my change of look (if you did not see it, you can do it here -> ” Before and after photos of my change of look “) and other things in Work, December came on me!


The truth is that I thought I would not have time to do anything and I had even resigned myself to that it was not going to happen, but suddenly Yunuen called me, owner of the clothing store plus size Youclothing and with whom for a long time there was Talked about doing something together , and encouraged me to do the photo shoot with clothes from his store , so what you will see are garments and accessories that can get no fuss.

And since they say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, what if I leave you, not one, but MANY images , or rather, the complete shooting ?




Here I can only thank Yunuen for the confidence of lending us the clothes of store; Aisha and Ale , for being the best models in the world ; And my beloved boyfriend , for being the most patient, professional and handsome photographer in the world (I love you!) … and OBVIOUSLY, YOU , for being at the foot of the canyon with me ALWAYS. I really love them .

I repeat, the clothing is from Youclothing and they still have a chance to throw themselves over the weekend if they are looking for clothes for Christmas , New Year or winter in general; I swear, you will not regret it. More information about the store, prices, location and more, visit his Facebook: Youclothing and his Twitter: @youclothing

I wish you the best Christmas of your life. I am very happy to have them in my life and to be able to share tips, experiences, tips and others. I wish you much peace, love, blessings and happiness in your homes.

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Many kisses.