Casually Tie Fashion

To speak of relaxed fashion in the same sentence that ties leads many to wince. But need it necessarily be a bad idea to defuse the tie as accessories? On the contrary. Our site tips on how to succeed.

The materials are ground up. Cut the silk noose in favor of a looser version of cashmere or wool quality. The shirt may well have a bit washed feel. Carpet oxford fabrics with a coarse structure is superior to the style.

Pattern and color in all its glory. To get to the free abrasive style is often subdued color combinations preferable. A light blue base with dark gray or dark blue tie is a safe starting point that rarely fail. Overall, think Gianni Agnelli front company party with his tie around his head.

Button-down collar and tie do not in any way be a bad combination. The soft kragtypen suited contrary, good for casual woolen ties. Carry happy collar unbuttoned for a more casual style. Buttoned collar often requires a bit narrower knot to tie not to enlarge the shape of the collar.

Obviously, the rest of the trim at least as important to the overall feeling that the choice of tie and shirt. A similar combination as shown with a blue shirt and dark tie are recommended for example a navy blue cardigan, jeans and brown shoes or casual suit in navy blue or brown. Carry happy with brown suede shoes to further highlight abot carpet surface.