Catalogue of Bath of Calzedonia with Gisele Bundchen Summer

It said it the other day when talking about the cover of Elle Brazil and return it to reiterate seeing new Calzedonia spring-summer 2010 catalog starred by Gisele Bundchen. There are women who are not of this planet and the Brazilian model is one of them. At his side, the “ always perfect alien ” of Olivia Palermo is little thing.

And is that Bundchen poses as few in the swimwear catalog of Calzedonia, with bathing suits that, as I mentioned when I spoke of the catalogue bathroom Victoria ’ s Secret, then put in normal women of flesh and blood do not look so good.

The Italian brand presents a collection of bath ideal for the beach or the pool according to Simplyyellowpages. There are for all tastes and styles, from my favourites I stay with this Navy Blue set with a duller finish that looks good with the print.

Just on the opposite side, this model in grey with the flowers in bikini It seems horrendous. The floral print is trendy, dominates this season and beaches seem to be in a forest with so many flower, but nothing to choose a rose so ugly and less grey above.

To opt for this last best color choose a one-piece swimwear of which are fashionable these months. Difficult for some, the last election to others and one of the most original and attractive for other models. The one-piece leaves no one indifferent. This inlaid with I love.

We continue with the gray, this time for a basic set, with the bikini of this color, with minimal touches of white that improve you and not make it seem so simple and the combination with the usual panties, can add shorts tiny, also inlaid with jeans, that will be ideal to go for a drink at the pool bar and refresh ourselves.

If we talk about scaling, it time opt for some sequin you go back to the same debate that the triquinis. Sequins Yes or no? In this case, the set’s gain. The part of the Bikini cover them entirely and panties only the sides, leaving the clean Center.

For those who prefer the basic, Calzedonia It also has the usual sets of two parts with colors always. Fuchsia is one of the most lucid and that will look good this summer with so much pink in there loose.

For the best monkeys back to grey. That Yes, who pillase a hammock on the beach & #8230;

And to cover ourselves a transparent Camisole usually a great choice. Hippie style, with bright colors and stripes mixed with prints.

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