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How to Make a Backpack Dull Look Cool

Have you stopped to take a look at that bag you’re using to go to school or work? You’re not missing something about her, something that let different, cool, looking like new and cool? Often we have no time to give a dressed up in these things, and the rush of everyday life is great guilty of it.Learn now how to make… Read more →

Aspensport Outdoor Rucksack

You’re a fan of adventure? Do you have a particular taste for mountain hikes? The backpack is so the luggage need you. Indeed, it is the equipment that will make feel you completely free to perform all kinds of movement. Things that you can hardly achieve with a suitcase or a bag in his hand. The trekking backpack promises both great convenience and comfort. Read more →

Miu Miu Accessories 2013

Alongside the iconic Shopping bag, here are the Little bags. And next to sandals and boots, the novelty of the derby shoes. The Miu Miu accessories for autumn-winter 2013. Great classics that come back, but reinterpreted, and fresh fresh news in accessories collection Miu Miu for fall-winter 2013. For a bowling bag that comes back, a little bag that appears. And next to sandals, pumps… Read more →

How To Choose A Backpack For Backpacking?

If you are traveling as a backpacker your backpack should be your great ally. Know the characteristics that must have according to your trip. If this year you have decided on a low cost plan for your vacations, take a long trip or the Camino de Santiago , it is best to opt for carrying only the essentials on your back. This way we can tour… Read more →

Choose the Right Backpack

Your child will soon take the way to school. So you can choose the backpack to wear year-round. Attention. There are several rules to follow to avoid that your little angel recurring back pain. In here are ten that will facilitate your choice. The size of the backpack Exceed the size of the backpack of your Cherub or the width of the back, or… Read more →

Beach Bags DIY

With the arrival of August, here’s finally time to leave so much expected to pass to the sea with the family or friends. In any seaside town you go, you can not of course forget the bag, the must-have accessory of every woman, there It will serve to bring towel, sunscreen, books, magazines and everything you need to spend a… Read more →

Backpack Sewing Guide

Backpack sewing: The pattern The specified dimensions result in a back length of 61 cm to a maximum volume of about 42 liters. However, due to the roll-top closure on top of the volume can be reduced somewhat. The page also union Kompresssionsriemen allow a more compact pack the backpack. Do you have a shorter back length, the volume is reduced accordingly. Tips for correct Measure… Read more →

Salvatore Ferragamo New Collection Handbags

Ferragamo pays tribute to its origins and it has the accessories beautiful made ​​of straw and raffia, humble materials and poor since the beginning of his mission glamor, Ferragamo used, combining them with precious leathers, so you have new accessories and original. Straw and woven raffia and worked scrupulously even back in the spring summer 2011 and we have bags and shoes in bright tones and appealing that they’ll lose… Read more →

Backpack Back in Fashion

Back in fashion backpack, discover the trend for spring summer 2016 that just cannot miss! As you already know this year are fashionable low-cut tops and tank tops to pair with a pair of shorts or short, but what can we use as an accessory to take with us our things? Ve we say it! If the bags are tired because you will weigh… Read more →

How to Prepare a Hiking Backpack

You have decided to start to hike, and for that reason you bought a brand new backpack. Are you happy purchase? You’ve chosen the right one? Good. Now is the time to fill it. But what to bring with them, and how best to prepare the backpack through online shop? I could snocciolarti a list of things to put in your backpack, but the… Read more →

How to Pack a Backpack

Going abroad to experience different countries and cultures is one of life’s precious aspirations. Do not destroy your foreign backpacking holiday by taking most of your belongings with you. Leave the heavy load at home and learn how to pack a backpack for months of road trips in a carry-on size bag. These practical packing tips will keep your load… Read more →