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How To Choose A Bra Size Nursing

Nursing bras provide a discreet and convenient way for breastfeeding mothers to breastfeed their babies by providing the support that their breasts require. Nursing bras come in various colors, with being the most common white, black, and nude. These bras can have different opening styles to give a mother quick access and one hand on the chest while she holds her baby. The… Read more →

Choosing A Sports Bra For Large Sizes

In a blog intended to talk about sport between women could not miss this entry. And is that choosing a proper bra is key to feel comfortable doing sports. More so when we use large sizes. The problem is that in almost no store we find special fasteners to make sport in large sizes. I attest to that. But we do not give up! Here… Read more →

Is It Damaging To Sleep With A Bra?

Supporters of the use of the bra admit that it is not good to use it for more than 7 hours in a row, nor at night. We must allow proper lymphatic circulation to avoid problems. The subject of the use of the bra is, always, something controversial. Is it beneficial or is it harmful? Whether or not it is used by 80%… Read more →

Triumph Stand Up For Fit

There may well be no great secret, that a large part of the Mrs world wearing unflattering underwear looks unattractive not only at the one or the other point, but can bring health problems also on time. To change something on this instance of maladministration in ultimate measure, decided triumph in the home of the famous lingerie producer for a so… Read more →

What is a Smart Bra

A smart bra able to measure your level of stress and help you relax with a big cake, anyone? “”I have an idea!” a researcher at Microsoft, said a Monday morning. “Since women have life a little too easy at this time and nobody ever told them that they eat too much or that they are too big, I’ll invent a bra… Read more →

Best Support Bra for Sports

Every woman who sports or running, can not do without a good sports bra. A good sportbh provides adequate cushioning and support, and may occur in the short and long term pain symptoms. What is a good sports bra? What requirements must a good sports bra sports woman meet? Should women with small breasts also carries a sports bra? What sizes are available, good support… Read more →