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Vintage T-Shirts

The vintage t- shirts are always shirts with the idols of always, shirts with much history that hit hard this summer. Music, cinema and sport have fed us a long list of idols and icons with a lot of history.The graphics with these protagonists are no longer just designs, they are images that are part of the popular imagination, being… Read more →

The Shirts Must For The Spring 2014

You know that the shirt is a must-have garments of this spring 2014?Discover what are the models can not miss The shirts are one of the big must-have this spring 2014 . Considered for a long time a head of authoritative clothing and ideal to go to work, to choose possibly in white and without special decorations or details, now back to win the big… Read more →

Plus Size Blouses for Ladies

How to Choose a Beautiful Blouse for Full Figure Women by Type If women’s hips wider than shoulders must be given to products with light-colored V-shaped neckline. Combining stands with a dark bottom, such as trousers or skirt pencil. If shoulders wide hips, the distribution of colors of clothing is to do exactly vice versa. Blouse must also have an oval.… Read more →

Hello Kitty Johnny Cupcakes Shirt

Hello Kitty embarks on a new capsule collection, this time the collaboration is with Johnny Cupcakes, a fun and saucy line will be available starting in December, and that promises to make us fall in love madly. Hello Kitty is the cat glamorous world of fashion that not only has a market segment that gathers women and girls around the world but also delights in creating capsule collections with… Read more →