Change the Style of Your Watch on Your Samsung Galaxy S7

We started the afternoon this magnificent sunny and in good weather Monday, and with this we’re going to make some simple modifications of personalization for models of Samsung Galaxy S7 Flat or Edge.

Safe you sound for those of you this device option Always on Display, if? Well because today we will put to change the clock since we put it a little as we want in terms of color and form.

How to change with Always on Display design?

1 entering adjustments

Once inside as you can see it is to screen and inside there choose the option Always on Display to see all the menu.
2 screen

If you look I have the checked box, so I see the same watch in the display of the phone without having to turn it on. Then having it activated pressing over where it says Always on Display and will have its corresponding menu.
It is necessary to access in designs by clicking here to be able to change it also there are different options and you can choose what you want about Samsung Galaxy S7.
Below you have two options to place, either you can change the background with the color that you you want either you can place a photo. If you want to meet with your friends you can surprise them with this ingenious screen and not suffer extra expenditure of energy for this reason.

You are invited to place your screenshot and teach us as you have been! your shopping online.