Cheap Condor Leggings! Socks, Hair Ties, and Gloves

With your Pisamonas shoes, 10% on accessories 

Congratulations! By reading these lines you will know our promotion discountsPisacombos, with which you can get tights and socks for children -priced cheap. would like to know how? Explain it to you: If your purchase of shoes in our shoe child online add plug-ins, you’ll see that automatically in the shopping cart is applied a 10% discount on all add-ins that you’ve caught. Easy, no?

With the back to school close, is time to prepare the autumn and renew the tights and socks that kids will go to school. Yes, we can imagine what you’re thinking… All are mothers and know the amount of socks and tights that may need during the school year. A lot! So it is interesting to take advantage of the offer PISACOMBOS.

If you’re one of our tights or socks of mark Condor in the same order than any model of footwear for children, you get a 10% discount on all add-ins that you’ve chosen.

Think about it. It may be the best way to kill two birds with one stone in order to return to school. You get cheap shoes of quality at good price and also tights and socks Condor cheaper!

And not only that, the Pisacombos offer applies to any product of our plug-ins for children section.

If you liked the idea but don’t know very well where focus discount for children, don’t worry, you miss a hand with everything you get:

1 – for example, because it is close to the back to school, what better way that take advantage of our offer of PISACOMBOS than with College shoes. Get a leather shoe to Uniformeso a few loafers for boy or girl from €32,95, and combine it with a good fleet of socks or tights brand dark Condor and a cap or executioner for when between the cold.

  1. There is no Miss physical education class, so it can also be a great option for you teams them with the full pack: sports shoes for children from 23.95€ + white socks. Their physical development is as important as the academic!
  2. for pretty well be this fall, nothing better for our princesses to the most successful serratex Mary Janes, common with beautiful hair ties game with 10% discount thanks to the Pisacombos.

4 – and other essential autumn, both for daily and weekend, are our famosasbotas pisacacas or safari, a windfall for any look that you can accomplish with our ideal belts or straps for children smaller are an ideal choice.

Happy shopping for the best footwear and accessories manufactured in Spain, and with special discount you bringing them together! Remember: the promo Pisacombos is so easy, without discounts codes or anything complicated… just add shoes and accessories to your order in Pisamonas and you’ll see 10% applied automatically on supplements 🙂